Review of The 8 Pillars of Social Media Marketing in 2018: Learn How to Transform Your Online Marketing Strategy

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We have heard about Social Media Marketing and how it can amplify your business profit. Hundreds of strategies and methods spread across the internet that promises a success in a short time. Yes, we all want to have fat income (who wouldn’t?) but we should slow down and think it through – learn the basics!

By learning the foundation of social media marketing – it might take time and patience but with a strong foundation is a success worth waiting for. This book by Matthew Bartnik you will learn the foundation of social media marketing – The 8 Pillars of Social Media Marketing.

Never in the history of the world have people been more accessible. Never have you had more ability to zero in on your target market (no matter how small of a niche they are), find them, and market to them. However, the competition has never been greater. You no longer need a huge advertising budget to reach a lot of people. Nearly anyone with an Internet connection has that ability now.

However, very few people know how to do social media marketing effectively. This is where you can crush your competition no matter how big their advertising budgets are.

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