Review of HyperX HX-HSCF-BK/AM Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset for PC/PS4


The longest lasting wireless gaming headset!

Break free from the bonds of cable connections and feel the freedom of the wireless HyperX Cloud Flight. Incredible 30-hour¹ battery life, and signature HyperX comfort, Cloud Flight allows you to have longer, uninterrupted gaming sessions.

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HyperX Gaming Headset
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The closed cup design helps keep you immersed, while the durable steel slider and high-quality construction mean it’s built to withstand daily wear and tear.

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Another popular gaming headset in 2018 is the HyperX HX-HSCF-BK/AM Cloud Flight Wireless Gaming Headset.

Cloud Flight is designed to endure the rigors of daily gaming and keep you coming back for more. Immersive audio enhances your gaming – Crystal clear lows, mids, and highs enhance ambiance and immersion. The detachable noise-cancelling mic helps ensure that your call-outs are crystal clear, and Cloud Flight has been certified by TeamSpeak and Discord.

Gaming-grade wireless with extra-long battery life. Solid wireless connection and 30-hour battery life allow you to game uninterrupted for longer. Ear cups with bold styling that rotate for additional comfort with 90° rotating ear cups featuring LED lighting effects. Convenient ear cup audio and mic control that allows quick access the controls for LED effects, mic mute, volume, and power on the ear cups. One wireless headset for your PC and PS4 gaming needs. Cloud Flight is also headphone compatible with devices that support a 3.5mm connection² via the included cable.

Guidelines for battery life:

Tested at 50% headphone volume with LED off.

Mic and earcup control functions not supported while using wired connection.

Tested at 50% headphone volume.

LED Mode: OFF = 30 hours.

LED Mode: Breathing effect = 18 hours.

LED Mode: ON = 13 hours.


Price: $225.36

hyperX gaming headset

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