Best Laptop For HTC Vive

Best Laptop For HTC Vive

Do you need help to choose the best laptop for HTC Vive? Below we have listed 5 of the best for you to choose from. Check it out.


1) MSI GP62M Leopard Pro-406

If you are looking for a laptop that gives you the gaming experience you need without delay, this virtual reality entry level has allowed a laptop to offer you an excellent choice.

This MSI GP62M device has an i7-7700HQ processor, which is a great processor to adapt to most games on the market.

It has a graphics card designed for high-end games and has 16 GB of memory to ensure that the game runs smoothly.

The best feature of this device is that it has a Nahimic Virtual Noise sound so that graphics and sound can completely immerse you in the virtual experience.

Having said that, I think this laptop may have a little more storage.

A 250 GB SSD is not big enough to accommodate all your games and save games, not to mention other things you might have on your laptop.



2) Gigabyte Aero 14Wv7-OG4

The next laptop in this list uses the same precise processor as our first model, which is the i7-7700HQ. This is the Gigabyte Aero.

It’s for those who want to experience virtual reality without slowing down.

If you are enjoying streaming games you will be glad with the graphics card of this device.

The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, can provide you with a clear display.

In addition, one of the best features is Broadcaster and XSplit Broadcaster that you get with the device, which is suitable for live broadcasts.



3) Razer Blade

Many gamers love this laptop for the HTC Vive experience.

The Razer Blade gaming laptop comes with the NVidia GeForce GXT 1060 graphics card, the i7-6700HQ processor and the 16 GB memory to give you an extraordinary gaming experience that can be the most immersed experience possible.

The demonstration makes games that are similar to the true Watcher 3 fantasy environments. There is only 1920 x 1080, but the HD quality is even impressive due to Razer’s high-tech demonstration, which reproduces 115 percent of the sRGB color scheme.

The design of the laptop is elegant and stylish, but the first thing we noticed is the Chroma keyboard that can be configured with color to enhance your gaming experience.

The keyboard also contains anti-ghosting, which means you will not lose your keywords while playing.



4) HP Omen 17

The next laptop is a great choice for the best laptop for HTC Vive.

The processor of this Omen laptop, which is Intel i7-6700HQ, fully adapts to the performance of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card.

This laptop contains a large amount of RAM; In fact, the 32 GB is the largest amount of RAM on this list.

However, this laptop did not have an optical drive.

Many games can be downloaded online, but in some games, a disc must be installed on the system, and the lack of disk drive can limit the games to which you have access. This is one drawback.




The ultimate laptop on our list is the MSI GS63 with a level of performance very similar to what you would expect from a desktop computer.

The processor is on the seventh generation Intel Core i7-7700HQ device, which is perfect for optimizing the performance of your HTC Vive experience.

The NVIDIA GeForce GXT 1060 is a VR graphics card ready for use that will provide an immersive experience, and the storage space is the largest we have seen so far.

In fact, there is a 1,000 GB SSD and a 2,000 GB HDD, so you will never have space left.



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