Review of Free Traffic Frenzy: How To Get 450,000+ Website Visitors


"People First, Algorithm Second"

Impatience is a Virtue - Listen and gather information that works. Focus on actionable returns for your time investment - if these will not give a better result in seven days or less, get rid of it.

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Free Traffic Frenzy
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By separating your self from the crowd and observing the trends they are following, you can develop your strategy and tactics and follow the lead.

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Free Traffic Frenzy:

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How would you like to know the secrets behind a website that gets 450,000 unique monthly visitors without spending a dime on traffic?

As you read through this book, you will learn tips and process in getting traffics on your blogs or websites.

* Warren Buffett’s billion dollar mindset process applied to free traffic
* A Japanese improvement process called 5S, and how it helps your search rankings
* A three minute fix which makes your visitors increase your rank for you
* Ever play the game Battleship? Use the Battleship strategy to break through the secrecy behind search algorithms
* Uncover the secret to Google’s local SEO algorithm, buried in Grecian ruins
* Revealed: The digital mind reading process for your website users
* Avoid the one mistake Google penalizes cutting your traffic in half…Overnight
* The Michelangelo method to reducing your bounce rate
* Learn the 6th grade reading lesson to increase time on page
* Turn your website into pari-mutuel horse bet, and have everybody bet on you
* Decode your visitor’s “hidden” language, using the Synonym Secret
* The 20080275882 Protocol and how search engines detect weak content
* Crush your competitors on ranking using the Chinese strategy of Lingchi

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