Personal Branding Part 1 – Image HD

This is a video I put together to share insights that will help you build a personal brand that is a force to be reckoned with.
L I K E – C O M M E N T – S H A R E – S U B S C R I B E

I’m always thinking about what it takes to go to the next level. Whether it’s at work in my professional corporate career or in business as a digital strategist and content creator, my mind is always thinking about growth, progression and new levels of wealth. The reality of life whether in corporate or in business, attracting the right stakeholders whether that’s clients, partners or investors, is critical for any kind of mass commercial success. Key word is ATTRACTING and in this 5-part video series I will share my takes and insights about image, values, positioning, body language and communication strategies to help you build the kind of personal brand that is a force to be reckoned with. Branding in its simplest terms is giving a product distinct visibility and a resonating personality that allows for an easier sell. In the next 5 videos, I want you to think of yourself as a product that needs to be sold. Sold to potential employers, sold to potential investors, sold to potential clients or any other stakeholder that is of significance influence in the trajectory of your career or business. And similarly, to how we buy products because of the values, trust and association we have with the brand, people will buy into you because of the attributes in your personal brand and what that brand portrays. In this first part of the series I will break down image and how important this is in building your brand.

Written & produced by Thabo Moloi

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