Business Advice from an Entrepreneur Extraordinaire l Interview with Graham Lee

What are the components of a successful business? In my latest video, I answer this question with Graham Lee, Canadian entrepreneur and CEO of GSL group, Canada’s largest private designer, builder, owner, and operator of community ice and soccer facilities, and multi-purpose arenas.

Graham shares his business success story, and why at GSL, social engagement and bringing people together to create community is at the root of everything they do.

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1:31.0 – what inspired you to to be so creative and making money at such a young age maybe when I was young?

2:14.8 – Your parents are well-established business leaders and philanthropists here in Canada. How did they influence you and inspire you to think differently and to be a success story in your own?

3:26.9 – What do you teach your kids to be successful?

4:34.0 – You developed a business plan when you were
still in university and that essentially led to where you are today. What are some steps that you took in establishing a solid foundation?

6:24.6 – How do you time manage? What’s your
typical day look like?

8:12.9 – when you first started the company, did you have a master plan?

10:50.1 – Where do you think that entrepreneurs should focus on their business in order to really see the growth?



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