Networking Marketing কি এবং তার বৈশিষ্ট্য | What is Networking Marketing & its features | Bangla

In this video we talk about what are Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing and its features? Multi Level Marketing, when we heard this, two ideas came to our mind – Scam or Scandal. Actually what is Multi-Level Marketing? Someone called Network Marketing, someone called chain marketing, someone called pyramid scheme, and many others have scam, scheme and scandal. So a very natural question comes to our mind that Should we Join Multi-Level Marketing or not. So before you join the Multi-Level Marketing Company what features should you look at?

Multi-Level Marketing is a well-thought-out, decisive, philosophical and scientific process to marketing a product goods services.
Multi-Level marketing itself is a good industry. But why its name is so bad, why do not people want to join? There are two reasons. Maybe a Scheme or a scam company has arrived. For example, Sarada scam, speck Asia. Also some companies have come up with the binary plan. They spread horribly, made some millionaire and suddenly vanished. The overwhelming experience has put you in jeopardy and anxiety.

To get a better understanding of a Multi-Level Marketing company, you need to look at 3 things –

No. 1 – People & Philosophy –

No. 2 – Product –

No. 3 – Plan, Profit & Payout –

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