Multiplayer Browser Games to Play With Friends

Here is a compiled list of multiplayer browser games to play with friends that help you connect with friends virtually as a source of comfort, joy and fun.

There is a saying, “friends that game together stay together!” It’s always fun and nice having a great time with friends. Thankfully, many sites had seen the need to keep this friendship bond by developing browser games to help you interact with your friends, regardless of any restrictions. All you need is a smartphone, any preferred browser, and internet access to get gaming with friends.

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1. is an online word game that helps you to stay connected with friends wherever you are. One player plays this game giving other players a topic, which is to be drawn by them with their cursor. All players involved make guesses to the answer by typing it into a chatbox.

This is a game where players display their drawing skills among friends. They give every player points based on how fast they make the right guesses. It comprises multiple rounds between players, and the player with the highest point becomes the winner. However, can be played by up to ten players. The interface is fairly easy to use. When you feel like having an epic time with friends, this game is a good option.


This is a physics-based game, where you are in control of a ball. For the most part, you have to make the ball bounce. In the process of this game, some players would be knocked off at different stages by losing control of their ball. The goal of this game at each level is to be the last ball showing on the screen. But as you progress to new levels, the game becomes more difficult and fun.

However, in these browser games, there are infinite numbers of levels usually created by the players. This creation of levels by players makes this game really fun to play.


This is a more creative multiplayer browser game. It is an aquatic food chain-based game. We played this game in a way by making each player represent a small, aquatic creature living in a large water body. The goal of this game is to survive in the water by eating food to make your creature grow. However, if you are not too careful, you might become food to others, which is a game over! That is why you must survive and climb through to the top of the food chain to avoid eating by other players.

For example, a shark can eat jellyfish in a food chain. So, if you grow to become a shark, you are at the top of the aquatic food chain.


Agar is a multiplayer browser game you can play with friends. It is a fun game with simple control. In this game, you start as the smallest unit (cell). The goal of this game is that you must float around the game board to survive. You get bigger to survive by collecting more and more cells. And also to survive, you must avoid been eaten up by the other opponent players. is a game that allows you and your friends the opportunity to play and compete together.

Up to twenty players can play it. So you play with large groups. It’s a free online game where

you can customize your cell.

5. Tanki online (action)

This is a 3d action game. It has an arena where you can fight with props. It includes buildings, walls, bridges, and bushes. This game is a proper game. You need to be careful so your tank doesn’t get stuck in deep pits and even fall off the bridges. We can play Tanki online as a squad. It comprises different modes such as capturing the flag modes, team deathmatch modes, and assault modes (attacking enemy). When you get a new rank, your tank gets upgraded with special weapons.


Can you still remember the series of those old Nokia phones products where you could play Snake? In this browser game, as well you are just a neon snake; you’re vying for supremacy against other neon snakes. When playing this game you need to be careful not to collide with other snakes, otherwise, you’ll change into cubes and have to go back to your original size.

You can slither alongside other neon snakes if you wish to speed up. This generates electrical impulses that give you speed, which you can use to make other snakes crawl into you!


This multiplayer game is really a fun game to enjoy with friends. Just steer your arrow keys to take off the race! is a multiplayer racing game in which you collect checkpoints to get a competitive advantage by using power-ups that increase your speed or slow down others. Isn’t it simple? Yes, until you understand this isn’t a typical race. Checkpoints may appear behind you if you’re near the front of a queue, for example. As a result, you must be ready for everything!

This multiplayer browser game is available on your PC and as a mobile app in the Apple and Android app stores.

8.    Adventure Quest

Adventure Quest is a single-player role-playing game in which you create a character, choose a class, and battle enemies. You can be a ninja, a wizard, a fighter, a rogue, or a paladin depending on your personality (to name just a few).

Magical powers, hundreds of objects, and over 700 creatures abound in the Adventure quest realm. Take part in a plethora of tasks. The more victories you get, the more your character develops and you improve.


Playing browser games with your friends is not only a fun way to pass the time but also a brilliant method to bond with them. They can actually be beneficial in a variety of ways, for both children and adults.

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