How to Make Money Streaming Games on Facebook

Streaming games is an ever-changing and growing community. Additionally, with the gaming industry forecasting over $200 billion by 2022, revenue continues to grow. With Facebook Gaming becoming more and more accessible to cables, there is a lot of money to be made, so it is possible to learn how to make money streaming Games on Facebook.

How to generate cash flow in Facebook games?

For in-stream ads, brand collages, and sub-fans, you need to set them up in the Facebook creator studio. You must first have a page set up on your Facebook account and this is where you will be able to access the page monetization screen. We’ll talk about monetization strategies below, as well as some of the requirements for certain monetization strategies.

Check out the 8 tips below.

1. Facebook In-Stream Ads

In-stream ads are short ads that you can insert into videos when you rate. These ads generate revenue every time they are viewed and processed. You must meet certain criteria and eligibility in order to use this income resource.

For any funding from Facebook, first of all, you need to follow Facebook’s guidelines. These include things abstaining from posting anything obscene, illegal, disrespectful, etc.

2. Facebook brand contributors

Brand collaboration is a great way to earn money early in your Facebook gamer career. The number of followers required is less than the other sources of income on Facebook videos. Sometimes a brand will see your videos or broadcasts and want to partner with you. They may want you to wear a hat that shows your logo and talks about their products. When brands want to work with you, that brand is cooperating and it is a powerful way to generate great income when you have the following.

Watch some videos later and make some comments to grow your followers. It seems to have good numbers, but it is not as difficult as you might think.

3. Facebook fan subscription

Subscriptions are a way to generate constant monthly income from a group of loyal fans. These top fans sign up to subscribe to their videos and broadcasts. They pay a monthly fee and you keep part of what they pay you.

Subscription payments have a pretty strict requirement to be eligible, but Facebook just wants to make sure the content has value. So count your currents. Make them entertaining and useful.

4. Make betting games

A smart way to make money with those who follow your channel is to bet with them. In the case of Facebook games, you can take advantage of the stars that someone who joined you in the game can do this or that. If they can’t, then they have to pay you x the number of stars. Remember that the stars of the Facebook show pay you $0.01 every time someone stars you.

Add a daily gambling game to your live stream to add more content and entertainment and give you an additional way to earn a little extra cash. However, Facebook has specific rules for seeking participation. And this may be the complete opposite of the rules. So the only stable way to work seems to be to use a different platform to place a bet while streaming on Facebook.

5. Organize contests or special events

When you start to find something good in your broadcast, especially if there are a lot of people involved, you can organize special events or tours.

For these events, you can pay a fee to participate in the event and a limited number of seats. This will help encourage participation, as your loyal fans will scream for participating. The more loyal followers you have, the more you can charge for participation fees.

6. Affiliate programs

Broadcasts are often associated with affiliate programs that scale down a particular product that they sell to broadcasters. For example, you can partner with an affiliate program that awards you $5 every time someone buys a microphone using your unique affiliate link.

Include this link in your description or on your own website and BOOM! Now whenever someone uses your link to buy that mic, you get a little cut. There are tons of affiliate programs, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that works well for you if you’re a new gamer.

More Tips For How to Make Money Streaming Games on Facebook:

7. Sponsors

Once you have built a large enough size, you will start to attract the attention of large companies who want you to help promote them.

You may be asked to endorse their gaming product or maybe wear your branded shirt or hat on live streams. Sponsorships can provide you with a great new team and earn money.

Think of testing gaming products as a silence alongside your live stream. You can add a 30-second clip to your live stream where you talk about how you are testing new gear while going live.

8. Twitch and Facebook Monetization

You can also stream on Twitch at the same time as Facebook. Twitch is one of the biggest platforms for gamers and avid fans often make donations to their favourite streamers.

To learn more about how to make money from gaming on Twitch click here.

Before you go, I hope this above article how to make money streaming Games on Facebook is helpful and beneficial for you.

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