Movies About Getting your Life Together

Here are some quick ideas for movies about getting your life together. Choosing a movie to watch is not a trivial decision if you know are worried about the state of your life right now.

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That’s the simple motivation that drives this list. With some movies changing their release days you may find some that inspire you. Due to the ongoing global pandemic this is already a strange and challenging year for the film industry.

From skin-crawling horror movies to hardcore documentaries.  This list should be something to satisfy your highly specialized film cravings as the year progresses.

5 Best Movies About Getting your Life Together

1. Bad Boys for Life

Bad Boys for Life has not been the biggest surprise so far. Due to its long production history, its release date in January, and the departure of series director Michael Bay. This movie could have been a disaster. Instead, Smith and Lawrence easily return to the roles that led to action movie icons in the 1990s, and writers find a way to update the series’ striking and exaggerated aesthetics for the franchise era.

2. The Way Back

Disciplined in his approach and unapologetic about his gadgets, basketball coach Ben Affleck in the crisis drama The Way Back is a sports film that understands the basics. Few details, such as the frozen box when game scores appear on screen or heavy-click percussion music, accumulate emotional power over the film’s lively career. Playing an ex-athlete with an immediately apparent drinking problem and some strategically hidden personal demons, Affleck offers an exhausted performance that falls on his off-screen character (and his recent sensational headlines) in clear and surprising ways.

3. The Assistant

The microscopic system of indifference and cruelty that often surrounds a powerful serial abuser is immersed under the microscope in this close-up New York office drama, drawing inspiration from Harvey Weinstein’s behavior as he blurs some details. ‘deliberately.

Instead, assistant Julia Garner Jane, a graduate north of a handful of internships, opens the way for us to history. The film tracks her duties, chores, and anger over the course of a day: she makes copies, coordinates air travel, picks up lunch orders, answers phone calls, and cleans up suspicious stains on the couch.

4. Sorry We Missed You

Sorry we miss you the latest working-class social drama by 83-year-old English filmmaker Ken Loach.  Remember these stacks of cardboard boxes from Amazon come at a human cost. The film follows married couple Ricky (Kris Hitchen) and Abbi (Debbie Honeywood) as they try to raise their two children, maintain their home in Newcastle, and destroy jobs that have normal protections. As Ricky’s boss of dominance tells him at the beginning of the movie he is not “an employee.” No, he is a small business owner and an independent contractor. Loach goes dark and absurd laughs in controversial cautionary language.  Especially the way management tries to sell poor working conditions as a form of empowerment.  But accepts the tender personal moments that occur even in the most relaxed jobs.


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