Meet The 10 Kids Who Will Save The World // 60 Second Docs

60 Second Docs profiles 10, kids, tweens and teens, who help others, care for the planet and work to make the world a better place. The future’s in good hands.

Kid Fashionista // 00:00
11-year-old Kheris Rogers of Los Angeles, California is demonstrating why beauty isn’t just skin deep. New York Fashion Week’s youngest designer has her own clothing line, Flexin’ in My Complexion, which empowers others to love their differences. She’s on a runway headed for change.

Ryan’s Recycling // 01:00
When Ryan Hickman was just 3 years old, he visited a recycling center for the very first time in Orange County, California. After cashing in $5 worth of bottles and cans, his future was decided. Now the 9-year-old and President of Ryan’s Recycling Company, has earned $21,000 — all while helping the planet.

Ballet Boy // 03:00
Not many boys dance ballet, but 11-year-old Gabriel Romero of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the ultimate boy ballerina. Among dozens of girls, Gabe in the studio for one key reason: dance is his passion, and he’s not afraid to express it.

Buddy Benches // 03:00
3rd grader Sammie Vance created the social and environmental initiative, Buddy Benches at her elementary school in Fort Wayne, Indiana. If a child at school feels lonely, they are invited to sit on a Buddy Bench. The benches – made of recycled bottle caps – indicate to others that they are looking for a friend.

Teddy Bears for Cancer // 04:00
Inspiration struck when 13-year-old Campbell Remess of Tasmania, Australia realized that kids his age were fighting cancer and spending holidays in the hospital. He wanted to purchase a gift for every child-patient, but he couldn’t afford to. Instead, he learned to sew.

Kid House Flipper // 05:00
Don’t wait around for allowance — make your own! 9-year-old Alianna Hines has made over $323,000 flipping houses in and around Washington DC. Through a partnership with Oprah, she even started Junior Flips, where a portion of the profit is given back to the community.

Ivy League Racer // 06:00
Aurora Straus — a 19-year-old Harvard student from Cold Spring, New York — is a professional racecar driver. Her favorite part of driving is meeting and being a role model for younger girls. Her nonprofit, Girls With Drive, helps young girls get involved in male-dominated fields.

Ocean Defense Kid // 07:00
Connor Berryhill was 5 years old when an encounter with an endangered seal in Hawaii inspired him to protect the world’s most vulnerable creatures. Now, the 11-year-old has started his own nonprofit, MicroActivist in San Diego, California. Their mission: to connect youth with projects to protect the ocean — and save our planet’s oceans and seas.

Saving National Parks // 08:00
9-year-old Robbie Bond of Reno from Hawaii created Kids Speak for Parks, a nonprofit committed to advocating to preserve our national monuments. He wants to protect and preserve the United States National Parks and he has a team of other kids ready to take action.

Kid DJ // 09:00
10-year-old DJ Erica Tandoh, aka DJ Switch, won big at Ghana’s DJ Awards: taking home the Discovery of the Year, Event DJ of the Year and Best Female DJ of the Year. Though she’s only been DJing for about a year, her musical talent and passion are inspiring others to “forget all their worries and party.”

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