A Look at Quality Display Fridges

Refrigerators, popularly called fridges, are among some of the appliances that have become so popular that they are easily taken for granted until of course you find yourself in a situation where you need one but it’s not available. This was not the case very many years ago.

Before the advent of refrigerators, things were kept in cool storage through the use of what was then called icehouses. These were totally based on the use of naturally cold substances like ice. The first refrigerating machine was built around 1755 by William Cullen, a Scottish Professor.

It will interest you to know that fridges were not available for home use until around1913 when Fred W. Wolf built the first models designed for home use. This appliance has experienced a lot of development over the years before arriving at where it is now. You can check here for a more detailed history of how it all happened.

The Display Fridge

As of today, there are many different types of refrigerators. These different types are broadly broken into two – residential and commercial refrigerators. Our focus today is one of the very many types of commercial fridges that we have today. We are referring to the display fridge.

This is basically a refrigerator that allows you view its contents without opening its door. This is achieved by the use of glass instead of steel for a lot of the frontal parts.

There are also different types and designs of display fridges, with each type being better suited for some specific uses.

Types of Display Fridge

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As we stated above, there are different types of display fridges. We will try to briefly describe each one we mention as this will give us an idea of its use. You can however check out a more detailed description with images in this article: https://medium.com/@Refrigeration/types-of-display-fridges-and-some-maintenance-tips-524cc74a0edb

Beer Fridge

You will usually find this type at a bar, pub, lounge and other leisure locations. It provides an efficient and easily accessible place to store and cool all kinds of drinks and at the same time, attracts customers by making its cold and inviting content visible.

Wine Chillers

This is almost the same thing as the beer fridge. The only difference is that some wine chillers offer a unique feature which is the ability to maintain multiple temperatures within the same machine. This is a handy feature because different types of wine have different recommended serving temperatures.

Another thing you may notice with some of these chillers is that they have wooden shelves rather than metal ones. Wooden shelves appear to support the weight of the bottles better and also do not scratch them.

Multi Deck Display

From the name, you can already tell that it is a multi-tiered fridge with a visually open design. The products are arranged on different shelves, allowing the customer to easily view them all.

Display Freezer

This is designed like a chest freezer but with a sliding glass lid at the top. They are usually used for cooling and displaying ice cream and other frozen delicacies.

Choosing One

There are a lot of quality display fridges out there to choose from. For you to be able to choose the exact one that fits your need, you need to know exactly what your needs are and then know what to look out for.

We will look at a few factors to consider before you make your choice. Hopefully, these will also help you determine what you need.


Do you know what size you need? If you don’t, decide on the size by looking at the location where you want to use it. How wide is the entrance through which you will carry it into this location?

Next, look at the exact point where you intend to keep it. The available space should help you make the right decision.


Size is critical but it is quite different from capacity. This simply refers to how much products it can hold. Knowing how much product you need to be able to store in your display fridge at any time can also help you choose the right one.


Depending on the exact use to which you want to put it, you may want to look at how easy it is to keep or take something from it. Make sure it fits your business activity.

Energy Consumption

This is very important to help you save cost. Make sure you choose a product that is energy saving in its operation.

Warranty and After Sales Service

Ensuring your new product comes with a good warranty is a good idea. It also helps to be sure that you can get professional after sales service for whatever product you choose.

While the list given above are not exhaustive, they can at least help you make the right choice.



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