Make Money Writing Travel Reviews

Make Money Writing Travel Reviews: Simple Ideas To Create Travel Affiliate Commission On Any Website

Most people have their vacations when summer closes in. During these times, a number of them are considering where to go, making it an exceptional opportunity. However, when you learn how to make money writing travel reviews you can look forward to travelling any time of year.

In this article, I will share some tips on how to start making your travel reviews engaging and add in getting paid with affiliate marketing.

Make Money Writing Travel Reviews program

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Fun Travel Reviews

Being to write interesting thoughts, feedback and tips about the countries that you have been to already.

One way to brighten up your blog post is to include some of your personal photos.

Don’t just showcase landscapes, flowers, buildings and boring cafes…

Try putting yourself in the shot to make it more personal!

Another fun tip that I learn is to create polls. So I’ll share this with you now.


Travel Reviews and Affiliate Marketing

With a web poll that is simple, it is not hard to draw interest and present a relevant ad to your customers.

Affiliate marketers mainly use affiliate programs within their market because their customers are likely to be interested in these kinds of products.

But what if you could present visitors interested in something different with a targeted ad?

That should convert well, shouldn’t it?

The difficult part is to learn which visitors are interested in a certain kind of product and to make it possible to present only those people with that ad.

This is where an internet poll comes in handy; it is a great way.

Look at a question such as, ‘Are you going on vacation this summer? ‘ With just Yes and No as replies.

Those answering Yes are very likely to be converting well if presented with vacation or a travel related affiliate program.

A more specific question may give you even more information regarding what products to promote.

For example, ‘Where would you want to spend your vacation? ‘

This gives you an exceptional opportunity to present them with a useful product or service.

Finding ads more targeted than that is hard.

For websites with large volumes of visitors, this type of survey can be changed every so often to make sure as many people interests are covered.

This method can be utilized in many ways – or not at all.

Asking people questions about their things will give you the possibility to present them with just the perfect product and solution.


How To Create Travel Polls

To make an internet poll, you can try a simple search on Google for ‘web poll’ or similar or visit Crowdsignal for customizable and easy web polls.

No understanding of HTML is needed. This is an easy and straightforward method.

Making web polls for your website will increase the chances of someone being presented with the right banner about a great travel service.

Then when they click on it you will increase your chances of getting paid.

Another very good side effect of using polls as a means to gain affiliate commission is the huge quantity of information gathered.

Every time a visitor answers a survey, you gain a little more insight into the mind of your general audience.

This info is the ideal tool for selecting affiliate programs.

As a result, you will come one little step closer to presenting ALL your customers with at least one advertisement.



In summary, as soon as you have engaging and fun blog posts it is easy to make money writing travel reviews.

Remember that the ease of the visitor’s interaction makes it useful to figure out what your visitors want to know more about and then you can increase your earnings over time.

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