Top Affiliate Websites

Top Affiliate Websites: The 5 Best Highly Paying Affiliate Programs

Growing your own online business is one of the best ways to earn extra income. This is why choosing the top affiliate websites is becoming more popular. It is a great way to travel, work and enjoy your own personal interests.

There are lots of other affiliate marketing programs than the ones which were cited below, but these are the ones that are the most successful.

One of the reasons being that they are trusted and reliable websites.

We shortlisted the top affiliate websites on behalf of advertiser’s worth and valuation, Alexa traffic rank, user experience and of course the traffic ‘s strength.

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Here are the top affiliate websites that you can access:


1- CJ Affiliate by Conversant (Commission Junction) – Since 1998

Alexa Rank: 5,645
Minimum Payment Amount: $50, $100 (Direct Deposit, Cheque)
Payment Method: Check, bank transfer
Programs Offered: CPA, CPL CPC
Referral Program: No

CJ Affiliate by Conversant is a paying and biggest affiliate network in North America and it operates globally.

CJ Affiliate is one of the oldest advertising company.

That’s the reason it is an affiliate network of major shops online and more than 500 companies.

Because it has an unmatched hub of advertisers, easy interface, reliable payment method, and good customer support, I will recommend it.

CJ Affiliate has a very large variety of products to promote.

And merchants (advertisers) often pay a large number of commission rates for CJ publishers once we compare to other marketing affiliate companies.

CJ Affiliate Network is free to join.

You can sign in to CJ Account Manager after your application is accepted and apply to different affiliate programs.

A few of the advertisers accept publishers immediately.

While others approve manually after reviewing your account/website.

Therefore, it is a good idea to link an excellent website with rich and healthy content to get acceptance.


2- ShareASale – Since 2000

Alexa Rank: 1,008
Minimum Payment Amount: $50
Payment Method: Check
Programs Offered: CPA, CPL CPC
Referral Program: Yes

ShareASale is another popular and many accepted affiliate system with a large number of product choices.

It has collected an exceptional rating, with outstanding safety, transparency, customer service and ease of commission payments.

It is a well-known affiliate marketing company with over 3,900 merchant applications and more than 40 different categories.

There are lots of top affiliate programs online that are distinctive to ShareASale.

ShareASale also gives you an additional feature which you can add products to your “basket.”

It means you can keep all the information about products or merchants which you like.

If somebody is unfitted or failed to find a suitable advertiser then most apparently it’ll be here at ShareASale.

Moreover, to begin promoting the affiliate programs are not complicated as they have fewer restrictions.

There are a few important and easy steps.

You have to verify that you have your own website before you can join any of these.

This involves placing code into the header label of your website.


3- Rakuten Affiliate Network (LinkShare) – Since 1996

Alexa Rank: 2,138
Minimum Payment Amount: $50
Payment Method: PayPal, Check, Direct Deposit
Programs Offered: CPA, CPL CPC
Referral Program: No

According to writers and polls, Rakuten Affiliate Network Company was declared one of the largest affiliate networks with over 10 million affiliate partnerships.

Rakuten Affiliate (LinkShare) took the number one place from the 2012 Affiliate Networks because of platform stability, support quality, and worldwide capability.

There are more than 4,000 affiliate programs.

Rakuten isn’t the quickest or easiest or sign-up, but there ‘s a great deal of helpful guidance.

Before you can promote, you need to sign-up with each advertiser.

This shows that quality is important here.

Rakuten Affiliate has a lot of physical products to promote. They provide access to tens of thousands of publishers recruited daily worldwide.

Search by traffic, product category, consumer geography and other criteria significant relevant to your affiliate campaign that is online.

They supply easy tools to add links, patented tracking technology, product or coupon links feeds and reliable online payment choices.


4- (Affiliate Window) – Since 2000

Alexa Rank: 17,848
Minimum Payment Amount: $20
Payment Method: Wire Transfer, Check, Direct Deposit
Programs Offered: CPA, CPL CPC
Referral Program: Yes is one of the top affiliate websites in Europe and the UK.

It is prominently increasing around the globe with over 2,100 advertisers and 75,000 publishers respectively.

It supplies almost 77 sectors in 11 territories with instant access.

This affiliate program is at the top because of its unique traffic light system, low threshold payments twice a month and availability in many currencies.

In addition, I personally feel that the user-friendly platform that is more simple to understand.

In 2013, UK buyers made whopping 150 million purchases through affiliate sites.

I spend a lot of my time in the UK so that is another reason I like Awin.

Consequently, when you monetize your website you can take advantage of the opportunity in front of you.

Awin also gives real human support via email and follow up with advertisers on your behalf if there are any issues.

It has dedicated publisher services team with sector specialists and access to more than half of the UK’s biggest brands* (as recorded by IMRG 2013 survey).


5- ClickBank – Since 1998

Alexa Rank: 3,414
Minimum Payment Amount: $20
Payment Method: Wire Transfer, Check, Direct Deposit
Referral Program: Yes

ClickBank contains 200 million customers and I have to say it is one of my personal favorites.

It’s a well-known affiliate network and it offers s more than 6 million digital goods, like e-books, software, and membership sites.

With their network of marketing specialists in over 190 nations, ClickBank makes it easy to promote and earn worldwide.

Not all currencies are accepted on ClickBank, but their accepted countries is a long list.

ClickBank is the epitome of laptop lifestyle products.

For the reason that, you can find informational lifestyle products with just one click.

You can also immediately access products and there is no need to wait for any approval.

ClickBank sells lifestyle products which are produced by fervent entrepreneurs.

Their products give instruction and innovation on topics ranging from marketing training, to Paleo cooking recipes and even training the family dog.

With each click and each sale, their products improve the lives of customers around the world.

They strive to provide customer satisfaction and stand behind the products.

I like that ClickBank is a trusted website and they do their best to monitor the quality of products on the platform.

Moreover, it is accessible to the majority of newbie affiliate marketers who desire the top affiliate websites.



In conclusion, now that you have read the list of five different affiliate program options – take the leap to improve your lifestyle today.

If you have trouble accessing any of the affiliate programs above, simply tell me in the comments and I will give you 2 more options.

Faithful in your success!


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