Make Money Affiliate Marketing

Make Money Affiliate Marketing – 3 Tips for Creating Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche Ideas

In this article, we will break down how to make money affiliate marketing when you are starting up a side hustle.

The first thing to do is look for a profitable and quality product that you can get behind.

Then your work will be to promote the link or get people to visit your website.

Occasionally when a potential buyer is searching for products to buy as a solution they will read reviews and check information first.

Most people search for products that are popular.

Therefore, to become profitable and make money affiliate marketing it is an excellent decision to choose a popular affiliate program and that pays large commissions.


The Challenge With Affiliate Marketing

It may prove to be too tricky to make a profit from this niche, and since if a product is very popular it means there might be a great quantity of competition.

Also, as an affiliate marketer, you will do much better if you are connected to a product that you use and believe in.

There’s only so much effort you can put in if you only focus on the money.

Hence a product should be of value to you or to your readers.

A fantastic way is to have a niche that you believe in, are interested in and would enjoy promoting, then break it down into what is known as micro-niches or sub-niches.


Affiliate Marketing Examples

As an example, if you know a great deal about flower gardens and feel you would enjoy promoting books about flower gardens you can start a blog.

But the competition is extremely high so consider breaking it down into a micro niche by instead of using “flower gardens”, use the micro-niche of “flower gardens at the northeast” or “flower gardens that bloom all year”.

You will be surprised at your results as soon as you start breaking down your principal niche into micro-niches.

Make Money Affiliate Marketing growth

What I mean here, is stay focused on a smaller area and then you see the growth.

If it is a niche you enjoy and know a great deal about, then you will have the ability to promote it easier, and as you will promote something that you truly endorse that will help to maximize your earnings.

Another criteria that your niche or micro niche should meet is that it is something people would not mind paying for and that it isn’t available at no cost.

If people can find the same thing, they will likely not purchase the product.


How do I find the niche I want to begin with?

One of my favourite ways to get ideas for any marketing business is with a free tool named Google’s AdWords Keyword Tool.

This tool is simple to use and will provide you with the data to assist you in picking out a niche that will show you the quantity of marketing competition for a specific niche and has lots of searches.

When you do your research it is definitely a good idea to find out what people are struggling the most and then help them out.

As soon as you have the major niche ideas of something you enjoy, use this tool to assist you to find a micro niche that has lots of searches (popularity) each month, but has little advertising competition.

The three hints to creating lucrative affiliate marketing niche ideas are:

  1. Choose a product or a niche that you would enjoy as this will help your conversion rate, promoting and know a lot about.
  2. Use the Google AdWords Keyword Tool to assist you in breaking down your principal niche and assessing popularity and promotion competition.
  3. Remember to make sure that it’s a product or a niche that you can’t find it at no cost and that people will buy.



By using these 3 pointers to assist you in finding the right affiliate marketing niche ideas, you should have the ability to promote a product you enjoy.

Then you build up streams of income to make money affiliate marketing.

The best aim is to easily make a profit out of your online business and provide a fantastic service to your readers or customers.

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