Lead Generation Tools 2019

The right lead generation tools can help you to double your sales instantly.

Keeping up your reputation and developing your client base has never been so important.

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Your organization needs a consistent effort to exploit each open opportunity.

Here are the 8 absolute best lead generation tools for you:


1) Salesforce

Salesforce is a cloud-based platform for client relationship that empowers deals, advertising, and client administration. It is good to recognize, convert, and keep up prospect business leads.


2) Leadfeeder

Seeing who visits your site is critical to upgrading and optimising it for capturing customers. Leadfeeder helps you to see what customers are doing on your website and connect with B2B deals.


3) Brand24

Learning what individuals are saying about your organization and its products is critical to creating successful lead generation campaigns. Brand24 provides you with dynamic social media reporting for ongoing reports about your brand.


4) Bontact

Daily lead generation for B2C and B2B companies is one of the main priorities. Bontact endeavours to take out the difficulties website chat systems. You can use it to collect contact details through messaging and voice calls.


5) HubSpot

HubSpot won’t just enable you to expand your closing rates with current leads, it will also furnish you with the data expected to figure out which of your Lead Generation attempts are best. This will eventually enable you to create the savviest marketing campaigns possible.


6) Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is free and simple. This is a tool I use each day. Make certain your website ranks high in search engines by using high scoring keywords all through your site pages. When used correctly, it will double the number of potential leads that go to your webpage each month.


7) Google Trends

Discovering what individuals are intrigued by will empower you to grow your web stats. You can use Google Trends to create timely content that gets shared around the web for more clicks. This can use used without costing you a penny. While Google Trends may not be automated software,  it is great for planning valuable content.



Finally, Growlabs is another lead generation tool you can check out. This is a modern and easy to use tool for traffic generation. You can define your target client and get matches from their database of over 320 million verified contacts. Phenomenal! You can unearth quality leads from the comfort of your office. The gathered data is then saved for personalised email marketing campaigns to promote your business and services.


In conclusion, this list of lead generation tools for 2019 will be enough to get you growing your business fast.


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