Late Tax Return Penalty If No Tax Due

Late Tax Penalty

The tax season comes quickly, and defendants may find themselves in a bad time when the filing deadline arrives. What do you do if you have a late tax return penalty if no tax due?

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Do not get stressed out if you do not file your taxes. But do it as quickly as you can to avoid penalties building up with interest. Here are some helpful tips.

Many people choose not to avoid filing when they know they cannot pay their tax debt. Regardless of your reasoning, it is important to understand the consequences of late submission. When it comes to tax errors.  Not filing taxes and filing them late is two of the worst taxpayers can do. It is vital to file your tax return before the deadline, whether or not you have money with the IRS. Know the serious consequences of late filing and discover how you can avoid fines and interest.

Late filing tax penalty: IRS late tax returns

Overdue taxes an IRS tax filing fine added the bitter taste to an even more difficult tax bill. The key to avoiding this additional penalty is to verify the deadlines for tax returns related to your case. For most individual taxpayers, the deadline to submit their annual tax return is April 15. To be counted as “on time,” the tax return must be filed or marked on that date or before that date every year.

What is the fine for filing a late tax return (if taxes are due)?

Normally, the fine for filing a late tax return is five percent of the total tax due per month (called a filing of failure to file taxes). The penalty is limited after 5 months (25%). In addition, there is a minimum fine of the minimum of 100% of the tax owed or $ 135 ($ 100 if the return was due before December 31) if the return is delayed more than 60 days.

Is there a fine for filing a late tax return that has no taxes due?

No taxpayers who do not have additional taxes do not pay huge fines.  And who are owed a refund for late filing of their return will not be penalized. However, taxpayers must submit their return within 3 years. After the original due date or they must withhold their reimbursement.  But it can cost more to pay estimated taxes if you do not file anything. Or you may have eligibility for refundable tax credits for that fiscal year.

Can I avoid penalties for late filing for extension by extension?

Yes, form 4868 “Automatic Time Extension Application to File.  The United States Single Income Tax Return” provides a 6-month.  Automatic subscription grant on the original due date of your tax return provided. You assess your liability Expected tax form and submit and duly registered before the original due date of the tax return. However, it is important to remember that an extension does not limit. The taxpayer’s exposure to outstanding fines and interest charges.

Are there special rules for the military and / or taxpayers living abroad?

Yes, US taxpayers who have their principal place of business or mail outside the United States and Puerto Rico automatically receive a 2-month donation on the due date of the return to file their tax return. Returns that normally expire between April 15 and June 15 will be accepted without any breach or non-payment of fines. When the statement is filed late in these circumstances, the statement must be submitted with a statement that specifies which of the two qualifications (living abroad or in military service abroad) are valuable.

Military members who serve in a combat zone or who are involved in an incidental operation from the end of their assignment (or hospital) to file and pay taxes before being subject to any breach in the presentation of sanctions receive a grace period 180 days to be paid The same grace period applies to people who enter the hospital for injuries suffered in a combat zone or incidental operation on the due date. In some cases, the 180-day grace period is extended for an additional amount of time if the obligations of the combat zone overlap. This extra time is the same as the number of days the taxpayer would have to act when assigned to an opposing zone.

Can the penalties for late submission be remitted?

Yes The IRS may reduce a late filing penalty.  If there is a reasonable reason for the late return.  And failure to file a file due to intentional negligence by the taxpayer. One way is for the taxpayer to submit the request in writing explaining a note explaining. The circumstances surrounding the late return of a copy of the late filing invoice.  And sending them to the service center that serves the debt. Tax Taxpayers can also request a reduction in tax fines by phone by speaking with an IRS representative at 800-829-1040.

What happens if I do not submit my statement?

The tax return prepared by the IRS often violates the taxpayer’s tax liability if he filed his return in advance, since the IRS does not have access to all the information necessary to obtain deductions, exemptions and legal credits collected by the \ t validation of an ordinary tax bill. In addition, the collection process will begin. Which can cover everything from the collection of payments.  And bank accounts to the imposition of a federal tax on property.

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