Inside The Lives Of The Rich Kids Of Japan

A look inside the world of Japan’s wealthiest citizens.
Life as a rich kid in Japan isn’t always about being flashy and excessively showing off your wealth. One type of rich kid likes to blend in with the crowd and not put their wealth on display, while the others don’t think twice about spending six-figures on a luxury automobile. We’re going to show you both sides of how Japans elite rich kids live. From expensive boarding schools to apartments that cost more than most home mortgages, get ready to take a peek into their lives in our video: Inside The Lives Of The Rich Kids Of Japan.

After they’re all done with their schooling, some rich kids continue living with their parents, while others move out on their own. It’s not uncommon for some rich kids to snag a million dollar home, like the five-bedroom mansion we’ll show you in our video.

An expensive mansion wouldn’t be complete without a Rolls Royce in the garage, right? Just wait until you hear how much money rich kids are spending on these super expensive cars by adding custom details, such as refrigerators and television sets. When they’re not driving around in their flashy cars, they’re traveling by train to see all that Japan has to offer. But this isn’t your typical train ride. The tickets cost $8,400 for a three-day trip!

From their expensive vacations to dinners that cost $300, the rich kids of Japan are living it up without a care in the world. If you’d like to learn more about how they live their lives, including the rich girls who spend thousands of dollars at Japan’s host clubs and the wealthy who bathe in wine, make sure to watch our video. Leave us a comment and let us know which part of their expensive lifestyle shocked you the most!

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