11 Home Exercises to Make Your Butt Round Faster

“Brazilian bubble butts” look droolworthy, but unless you sweat the entire day at the gym. With simple, yet effective exercises that can be done in the comfort of your home, you can achieve the perfect round butt — in no time. And what’s more, the exercises I’ll show you today require no equipment.

To make your firm, round butt dreams come true, check this list of 8 exercises that target the right muscles. Select any 4 of these and perform them for 20 minutes every day without fail. They do not require any equipment, and it makes your task even easier!

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Rainbow Lift 0:44
Donkey Kicks 1:40
Fire Hydrant Kicks 2:34
Bound Tiger Pose 3:09
Squats 4:14
Curtsy Squats 5:01
Ski Squats 5:53
Sumo Walk 6:52
Glute Bridge 7:50
Malasana or Deep Squat 8:39
Awkward Pose Yoga 9:41

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– The Rainbow Lift helps move your glutes both up and down, and back and forth. It works all 3 of your gluteus muscles, and as an added bonus, your abs as well.
– The Donkey Kicks is super-efficient if you want to tone the muscles of your butt. What’s more enticing is that this exercise also helps to sculpt your abs and strengthen the spine.
– The Fire Hydrant Kicks works your abs, glutes, hips, and lower body, so you’ll be more than bootylicious; you’ll have flaunt-worthy abs as well.
– Bound Tiger Pose warms and stretches the back muscles and spine. Although the Tiger Pose has many versions, we’ll stick with the classic one here. Apart from toning your butt, this exercise strengthens the muscles of the digestive system, boosting metabolism and promoting digestion.
– Squats need no introduction. They’re among the most popular and effective exercises with a whole lot of benefits. They target multiple muscles in your entire lower body, including your quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and your whole posterior.
– Curtsy Squats are an excellent exercise if you want a toned butt and shapely inner thighs. Even though they’re simple to do, beginners often end up doing it incorrectly.
– Although extremely simple, Ski Squats, just like its other squat siblings, are very effective in targeting the butt… muscles.
– The Sumo Walk is great for toning your glutes, hip flexors, and quadriceps. It also engages the hamstrings.
– The Glute Bridge is an excellent exercise for people who spend long hours at the office, sitting at a desk. It strengthens the glutes, hamstrings, hip muscles, lower back muscles, and promotes better posture.
– Any squat is perfect for shaping your…c butt, but Malasana or Deep Squat is among those that specifically target the buttock region. This simple yoga pose not only sculpts your rear, but it also stretches your neck, hamstrings, spine, and ankles.
– Awkward Pose Yoga has so many benefits that you’ll almost forget that getting a beautiful butt is one of them. Among its advantages are correcting your posture, improving body balance, reducing stress, and combating depression.

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