In the Spotlight: Upcoming Artist Yung Verb

1. Hey Yung Verb, it’s awesome to connect with an upcoming artist and talented lyung verb accountant for musicyricist all the way in Idaho, US! Please tell us a bit about yourself and what you do…

My name is Yung Verb. I’m the CEO of Infinity Bars Ent. And I am a motivational speaker. Lol, just playing, kinda. I’m an artist who’s intentions are to motivate others to follow there dreams and not to settle for less than as well as find their purpose. And a student of life.

2. When did you first start making music?

I started recording music when I was 16 on a karaoke machine. I would put the paper in the top of the cassette so I could record over them.

3. Can you tell us what you’re working on for this year?

I’m preparing to drop my first Industry Standard album, ‘Just Gettin Started’.

4. What fuels you to keep going every day?

The fact that I have to provide for my kids fuels me. To look out for my father drive me. To survive and overcome my struggles and roadblocks motivate me. But it is my love of music that’s the reason why this is my profession of choice. It gives me a way to vent and create at the same time. And connecting w/ the crowd gives me a natural high.

5. What is like being an independent artist nowadays?

The Game is made for independent artists now. So it’s wide open. It’s all up to what we make of it.

6. What has been the biggest challenge with managing the ‘administration’ side of the work you do?

There’s just so many things you have to do so my challenge has been wearing to many hats. Knowing when to delegate responsibilities and trust my team.

7. Tell us what Soul Poetics is?

Soul Poetics is very simply; Poetry from the soul. It’s words and ideas shaped through experience or observations in life. They could even be blind philosophies. Sometimes I’ll be in a mood to just have a good time and that’s when I might just be rapping, or I might just wanna rap at a Lady on some young flirtacious type approach. But at the end of the day I’ll always find my comfort zone when I’m writing Poetry w/ no boundaries or w/o conforming to anyone else’s ideas of genres. Soul Poetics can be in the form of a Rock N Roll song, a country track or hip hop.

8. Do you see yourself as a music artist as well a ‘business’?

I am a musician and an artist as well as a business, a businessman & a brand

9. What is the biggest change you would like make in the next 5 years?

I would like to stop striving to get to a point where my brand has global recognition and into the stage where I can focus more on the creative process and let the machine run it’s course.

10. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me! Where can we find and follow you online?

Thank you for approaching me and seeing something that you believe is worth identifying.

You can find me @,, the Infinity Bars Ent. webcite is under construction. you can contact me for booking or more info @

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