In the Spotlight: Music Entrepreneur Leah Masterson-Lang

1. What’s up Leah! It’s great to connect with a music entrepreneur in Atlanta! Tell us a bit about yourself & your company…

Hello, and great connecting with you! A little about myself,  I’ve worked in the wild World of Entertainment going on 8 years. The musical Journey has taken me to New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta working for Companies such as Warner Music Group,  MTV Networks,  Universal,  and now my own Company,  Master Music Enterprise, LLC (MME). MME is an Artist Development Company who helps Independent Artists gain their full potential.

2. How do you help the artists that you work with?

Master Music Enterprise helps artists by working one on one with Musicians and pairing them up with Industry Professionals to help guide them through their musical journey. From Hit Songwriters and Producers to Publicists, Bloggers, Phototographers and Music Supervisors. MME works with a wide range of Industry Professionals so as to work within every Budget.

3. What inspired you to work with independent artists?

Working at the Major Labels,  I was involved heavily in the royalties and contract signing of Musicians and witnessed first hand how little control the Musicians had over their craft. I started  to quickly see a trend that most Musicians were so quick to sign their name over the dotted line, they did not realize what they were singing. So, I decided to just start a Website, post Music Business Advice, create a Community of Industry Professionals and Promote Independent Musicians. This Website started gaining traction in the Independent Community,  and I took that as a sign to dive 100% in helping Independent Musicians,  and Master Music Enterprise,  LLC was born.

accountant for music4. What do you look for in an aritst?

Professionalism and Passion.  I have various Artists contact me on a daily basis by Email, Social Media,  Phone Calls and Texts. The ones that actually present themselves in a Professional way will always grab my attention, for it shows me how much an Artist actually vaues their work. If I decide to meet with an Artist, I have a one on one Consultation and see where their head is at. If they are only doing what they are doing to make money,  then I can tell they do not have the Passion I am looking for. A lot of Artists want the Money and the Fame,  but do not want to put in the Work  to make it happen.  I listen more and speak less, and key words the Musicians say can tell me a lot on if my time will be wasted if I decide to move forward with a Musician.

5. What has been your biggest accomplishment so far?

My biggest accomplishment to me is moving to Atlanta not knowing a single soul, and within 3 years  I have grown into a company that now has an amazing team of industry professionals. Most being those who left the labels like I did,  to help Independent Musicians. Working with a team who has the same Mission as myself is success in my eyes.

6. What makes your management style different?

Master Music Enterprise is like a big Family. All the Artists I work with and manage we all become very close. I have my Artists best interest in mind, and we always do things together as a team. From going to The Grammys, ASCAP Expo, Networking Events,  to going out to Dinner, at the Recording Studio to getting together for the Holidays. I gain trust with my Team, and Communicate everything.  Helping  musicians reach their full potential and seeing their happiness means more to me than Money,  and I think that alone puts me at a different level.

7. What is the main advice you would want from a Tax Twerkologist or online bookkeeping service?

I have a Recording Studio I partnered with recently that does not have a Business Account and the suggestion came up that I can create a DBA account under my Business Bank Account.  What are your thoughts on that,  and so you recommend something like that?  Would this complicate things during Tax reporting?
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8. Some of our readers are trying to grow their brands as independent artists – can you give our readers 1 tip for success?

Network, network, network! Get involved in the Music Community. Attend ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, The Recording Academy Events,  and become Members. Meeting credited people in the Industry will get you far!

9. What is the biggest accomplishment you would like make in the next 5 years?

I hope in 5 years I will be at the point where I can fly out to music conferences and speak on Panels and give advice to hundreds of Musicians.  I would like to get more involved in the music scene at a political level and fight for the rights of Music Creators. Right now, the music community is fighting in Congress  to support the Songwriter Equity Act. (Learn more at

10. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview with me! Where can we find and support you online?

Thank YOU for your support! I really enjoyed my time. Check us out at and Facebook at

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