In the Spotlight: Independent Record Label from Sweden

1. Hi Joe! Please tell us a bit about yourself and your band ‘While Jimmie’s in Jail’…

Hi, well it all started when Jimmie got locked up. We couldn’t just sit around and wait for him, so we started making music. At first it was just me and Sarah, but after a while other people turned up and started to sing. On some of our songs you can hear the voice of people that came and went.

2. Where are you originally from?

We are based in Sweden and that’s where we write and record our tunes. It gets cold in the winter, but Sarah’s stories keeps us warm and cozy.

3. What countries would you like to perform in and why?

It would be nice to be able to go to warmer places. Maybe Australia, I like the way they talk.

4. Can you give our readers 1 main tip for staying creative?

Don’t over think, just go with your gut feeling. Sure you will hit brick walls sometimes, but if you do it with full power you’ll go right through.

5. How do you describe your music sound in 5 words?while jimmies in jail interview independent record label

Mellow melodies with big guitars.

6. What is it like making your own independent music?

Challenging. It’s hard to know when a song is done and to know when it needs more work. But we fall back to my tip on being creative, we go with our gut feeling. And the freedom to do whatever we want makes it worth it.

7. How did you start your own record label?

Well it kinda just happened. When the first song came about we actually never thought about sending it to a label. I guess we knew from the beginning that we were going to do this by ourselves. And since Jimmie was in jail we could do pretty much whatever we felt like.

8. Take a moment to close your eyes. Where do you see yourself in 5 year’s time?

We are sitting on the porch with coffee and guitars, writing new tunes. And when the sun goes down we are looking at the horizon to see if the silhouette of Jimmie might show up. But it doesn’t. Maybee tomorrow.

9. Who are the 3 artists that you would LOVE to work with?

If Sinead O’connor stopped by, she could sing on a song of ours. Dave Grohl too. He could actually borrow one of my guitars and lay down some guitar tracks. And to write some tunes with Tom Waits would be nothing short of amazing.

10. Lastly, what fuels you to keep going each day?

The love for music and storytelling. Simple as that. I hate going to bed, I just want to wake up as soon as possible so that I can keep on making music. And on a more chemical level, coffee is the fuel.



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