Why is it important to know about information technology?

I run a digital business using the internet, and I love all things related to information technology.

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For me this isn’t a new passion…. I’m 29 now and I’ve been in love with my laptop since the age of 11. 

We all need to use computers in business now – whether we love them or hate them! So Why is it so important to know about information technology?

First of all, we talk about information and communication technologies (ICTs). These are known as a set of services, networks, software and devices that aim to improve the quality of life of people within an environment. A hot topic is the impact on personal finance.

The primary reason for ICT was for people to use information systems that are interconnected and for many that breaking down communication and distance barriers.

ICTs include two groups of different ones: information and communication. Firstly, information is characterized by the digitalization of the content, records, knowledge and systems. Secondly, communication comprises more of radio, television and conventional telephony.

ICTs (computer and communications union) have been booming since the 1990s when the internet became a widely used household tool in the different areas of our daily lives.

Some of these tools include: computers, phones the web, digital whiteboard, tablet, blogs, among others.

Some of the advantages for your personal finance include:

1) Support people

2) Businesses can sell products locally or worldwide

3) Offer new forms of work

4) Provide health and education benefits

5) Give access to the output of knowledge and information to improve people’s lives

6) Accuracy and reducing human error

7) Allow interactive learning and distance education

Here are a few concepts that can help you better understand how information technology is handled…

Information systems: a set of elements oriented to treat and manage data and information and that have the purpose of solving a need.

Technological infrastructure: includes all technological elements such as hardware, software, computers, printers, servers, cabling, networks, internet, communication equipment.

Database: data belonging to the same context and stored systematically to be used. E.g. a list of your contacts.

Multimedia: technologies that include voice, audio and video.

Hardware: is the physical part of all equipment used, ie what we can play.

Software: are the programs that the computer needs to work and give the required information.

Applications: They are part of the software and run through the operating system.

What does it mean for you?

Nowadays, in England, there has been a great increase in the number of jobs and job applications in this sector of information technology. This has a huge affect on your personal finance and access to new opportunities.

It is not only in England but also in other countries such as the USA, Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, among others.

Here we can find many industries and companies that are related to ICT, but there are those who are mainly engaged in the manufacture of goods and services related to information and communication technologies and other professionals.

ICT in England is generating a certain number of jobs per year that is increasing every day and we currently find professionals in this sector in companies of all kinds.

There are several different types of professionals that we can find working in this branch, from system administrators, web developers, IT contractors, programmers, engineers, etc.

That is why many companies save money hiring people dedicated to this style of work as it is very advantageous.

ICT is equally important if you are starting, growing or developing your own entrepreneurial ventures.

If you are running your own business then it’s vital to keep up with the changing trends in technology which you can implement in your own business, outsource, or delegate.

Using ICT in your business will mean that you can get results faster and take advantage of systems that will save you time and generate more money. Thus, giving you greater freedom over time.


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