How To Use Feminine Power To Influence a Man

Today’s article has been contributed by my friend Zoe Bell. I am very excited to share her tips with you. This launches our new sex & relationships category for entrepreneurs! It is a privilege for me to be able to put the spotlight on such hot and controversial topics and I am sure you will gain a lot of value from it too.

It is time for the Masculine to serve the Feminine – Zoe Bell

It is the feminine force that penetrates every cell of your being and is powerful beyond your wildest dreams.

The title of the article transcends beyond biology and has led to much misconceptions in the collective consciousness.

Welcome to the Rising of the Feminine Energy.

A poetic unleashing of inspiring women expressing passions and weaving them into their soul purpose, alongside inspiring men.


What Is feminine and masculine energy?

Let’s explore some characteristics of these forces:


Yang – masculine, is electrical action-based energy.

A powerful driving force.  

Bringing the unseen into matter.

It is the systems, structure. Left-brain.


Yin – feminine is a magnetic essence of darkness.

The source of all thought and power of the now.

It is effortless, seductive, limitless, wild and untamed.

It is stillness. Right-brain.


We are both polarities.


Misunderstanding this duality has caused the greatest separation and inner suffering between the sexes.


How is this rising impacting men in relationships with women?

Some female entrepreneurs think this is a time for the men to sit this one out.

And sadly, many men’s voices are being shut down.

A hunger to get to the top in a hierarchy, no matter the cost, and toxic-competitiveness growing in their yang.

It has become yang-yang.

In an effort to re-balance men, becoming more yin, and not speaking up.

Arguments increase to reset the imbalance of the repelling forces, attraction lost, complacency sets in, and we are losing the primal roar of the masculine. Infidelity increases.

As a result, spontaneity is replaced by rules, rather than instinct and body language leading the way.

The play of push-pull lost.

Many making their own primal, or others sensual urges and emotions wrong.

However, passion can only thrive in a push-pull. Reset is stirred from within.

The issues include:

A desire to control, a fear of letting go and raw wounds of the past.

Yet, surrender is one of the greatest gifts and wild forces of the now.  



This emerging feminine energy is dark, wild, free-spirited.

Society hid her away from lusting men.  

Many have been burnt by her, and many have a wounded feminine within, waiting to be acknowledged, loved and expressed.

“What terrifies us the most; is there to transform us. Your own dark feminine holds the key, and when you trust her, she will reveal the mystery of who you are.” – Zoe Bell

The dark feminine has been disrespected, misunderstood, and the concept of the feminine serving the masculine requires an inner dance of ‘self-realisation’.

In actuality, it begins with self-love practices, stillness, meditation and contemplation.

This uprising of the Yin-force is a path to embrace our joy, our sensuality, emotions and desires beyond making them wrong.

It is time to heal the shame, guilt, and rage.

“She is the secret sauce within your divine soul e-motion of unique expression” – Zoe B

In conclusion, this is exciting news for entrepreneurs, both male and female.

As implementing the wisdom of how to balance polarities will determine your wealth, sexual magnetism, attraction, happiness, and success in business and all relationships.  



Zoe Bell is an international relationship/mindset coach and presenter.

Three times published author on Amazon with ‘RAW’ reaching number one best seller for Erotica.

She currently runs two online programs for Men and Women to access their Unique Potent Blueprint, to maximise Human Potential.


As a conscious thought leader, she is creating a program, ‘Youth Blueprint 2 Knowing Their Truth.’ She is based in Sydney, Australia with her family. Contact details:


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