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In this video we discuss how to start an online business from your phone. The digital nomad lifestyle has never been easier, so get ready to start your business from anywhere. Join the Insider List for exclusive content, giveaways and more:

How To Start An Online Business
I share some of the apps, services and pieces of equipment you will need to start your online business from home or anywhere you go. Starting a business in 2018 is made easier with some of the programs mentioned in this video that I would like to reference here:

Shopify: Start your online business with a 14 day free trial:

Adobe Creative Cloud: Get Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator and more for the low

Google Drive and Gmail

What Is Google Voice

Glip: Project Management/ Team Communication

Mailchimp: Free to signup, when you upgrade to bigger storage use my link and we both get credit

Adobe Spark: Free and easy to use content creation platform

Social Pilot: Free and easy to use social media management and scheduling platform:


Filmic Pro: Make your Iphone videos look professional with full control over your camera

Headphones, Cases and More- Visit my recommendations on Amazon

Fiverr is a great platform to outsource work to freelancers:

Start Your Online Business
This video is the introduction to a series of videos where we walk you through the pieces of technology, software and equipment you should consider using to start your online business. Make sure you tune in every week for the newest video in the playlist here:

About This Video:
If you’re wondering how to start an online business this video will walk you through the tools you need to work from anywhere you go. The era of having to work from an office location from 9-5 is slowly transforming to allowing you more freedom. The digital nomad lifestyle is a term used by entrepreneurs who work while they travel. It may seem like it’s a lot of fun, but truth of the matter is you have to focus on building your online business. If you are launching an online business this year, this video will help you start a business from a phone, with minimal technology or equipment required.

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