How to Start a Business With No Money (Or Little Money): Dropshipping!

Learn how to start a business with no money (or with very little).
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When I say “learn how to start a business with no money” I mean with basically no money – EVERY business will require some. Using dropshipping, you can start a business with money except for a very, very small cost.

Learn how to start a business with no money (or basically no money) with method A: Start an ecommerce store and dropship items from Aliexpress ($23.88)

Step 1: Create an ecommerce store with WordPress & Woocommerce

When you need to start a business with no money (or extremely little) every saving counts. The cheapest way to open an ecommerce store is with WordPress. To do that, you will need a hosting plan and a domain name. The cheapest, most cost-effective way to get that is to signup with iPage. You can get started for just $23.88. Get iPage here:

Click here to watch my step-by-step video tutorial on how to create an ecommerce store:

Step 2: List items in it from Aliexpress

When you are listing items in your own ecommerce store, an easy way to find items for it is to go to Aliexpress and find Chinese dropshippers. Simply head over to Aliexpress and find items in the niche that you are targeting, then list them in your own store.

I have a video which gives great tips/advice on how to do this here:

Step 3: Market your Aliexpress dropshipping store with SEO (search engine optimization)

For each product page, pick a keyword that best represents the item that you are selling and then make the following modifications to it:

1. Add the keyword to the title.
2. Add an item description that is at least 400 words.
3. Add the keyword into the description so that it has a keyword density of between 1-2%.
4. Add the keyword into the first 50 words of the description.
5. Add the keyword to the img alt data for the first image on the page.

Using these techniques, you will be able to get free organic traffic. This is a good way to get traffic if you need to start a business with no money and can’t pay for Facebook ads.

Here is another way to start a business with no money (or very, very little!). Method B: Start a dropshipping business on using USA-based dropshippers.

Step 1: Locate USA-based dropshippers with SaleHoo ($67)

1. Go to SaleHoo and login to your subsciption. If you don’t have a subscription you can get one by clicking here:
2. Next, click on “directory.” From here, click on the green “search” button without selecting a category.
3. Next, filter the results by region. Select “North America.”
4. Finally, filter the results by supplier type. Click “Dropshippers.”

Step 2: Go through the suppliers and locate low-cost, high-demand items.

1. Go to a supplier and open up their catalog. You may need to contact the supplier to have them send it to you or give you access as not all catalogs are available to the public.
2. Take each item in their catalog and compare it to the going price on Note down items that are priced lower in the supplier’s catalog to the prices on Amazon.
3. OPTIONAL: Check how often an item sells so that you can estimate the revenue you’ll get from it using Jungle Scout:

Step 3: List the items you are dropshipping on

There are two ways that you can do this depending on whether the item already has a listing on or not. Both methods are free which is great when you want to start a business with no money:

1. If the item has a listing already, then add yourself as a seller. Match your price to your competitors price so that you can share what is called the “Buy Box” with them. You can find out how to win the Buy Box by watching this video:
2. If the item does not have a listing already, then create a new listing for the item. In our free ebook ( we give you free tips on how to create a high-converting listing.

Pick one of these 2 methods and start a business with no money (or very very little!) today.

Please note: This video/description contains affiliate links.

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