Video Tutorial: Using Accounting to Make Money!

You’re getting free inside access to the training video ‘Using Accounting to Make Money!’ 

Yes it might be a surprise, but investing in a great accounting system can actually help you make sales and get more clients.

The sooner you act, the sooner your money will be looked after.

Tax Twerkologist expert Ruth Noel breaks it down for you in this video! 

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[full_width_color bg_color=”#EFEFEF” color=”#333333″]Creative business owners save 16-24 hours every month on hourly costs by using an online bookkeeping service. That’s a SAVING of £300 – £400 every month.

If you’re thinking, “Hecky! I don’t need to spend 16-24 hours on the books!”, then you must love those brown letters from HMRC, we say! But if YOU want more time freedom, more tax savings and less stress, Tax Twerk is for you… We’re the premier VIP Online Bookkeeping Service for Creatives.

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• Our goal is to help you keep
your cash flow bouncing

• VIP Membership Service, we do all of the bookkeeping completely hands-off for you & more

• Flexibility – we work online and support you every step of the way

• We are young, fresh and highly experienced

“The thing I love about my business is that it’s creative. But before coming to Ruth at Tax Twerk I was struggling to get my tax return done. I’ve never had an accountant before and at first I was unsure about working with someone online. But it turns out that the best part about working with them is the online technology, which made it so much easier for me to keep things up to date! I would recommend this unique service” — Catherine, Kold Joose Media

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