How to Make Money on eBay – Tips to Generate More Leads

Do you want to get the solution to start working from home to spend more time with loved ones and know how best to make money on eBay?

To make money on eBay it requires plenty of energy and thought.

When you decide to work from home on business you need to be dedicated and work smart, or else you will fail easily.

The four fundamentals for a successful eBay business are:

  1. Margins
  2. Conversion rates
  3. Leads
  4. Average number of transactions per customer

These fundamentals will provide a perspective on how to make money on eBay.

If every each of these profit factors is increased you can have an exponential result and can make your eBay business become the main income source for you.

Throughout this article, I am going to explain one of the main factors, that is getting leads.

So it is simple to understand one of the concepts of how best to make money on eBay.


How to make money on eBay buying and selling

Let’s discuss the first factor about tips to generate more leads to your auction listings.

Here are some excellent tips to generate more leads on how to make money on eBay:

1) Keyword research

Keywords research is quite important to figure out the keywords that people use to search your product in addition to your name and descriptions.

This is essential for any listings success and something that you need to do at the beginning of starting eBay business.

You may use Google Research Tool for instance, and other research tools to research top keywords.

It will show you the precise research on what keywords people are searching for.


2) Loss leading products

Loss products are things that driving traffic to your eBay stores or other listings with a low price to catch the attention.

This is an amazing tip to increase your prospects and it’s not as bad as it sounds.

From this traffic, you must create other listings or your eBay stores that people can buy when they shop around.


3) Try things out with the time intervals of your auctions

Some products that have high cost incline by listing for longer time intervals, to obtain bids.

It may be since more people will curious to see it happen.

However, for items that sell quicker, it is smart to set a short period.

So you may catch the bidding frenzy at the expiration time.

Whereas, some smart bidders like myself wait until the last 3 minutes to make any bid.

Figure these options out and observe the results until you understand people doing business with you.

Allow the market to choose for you.


4) The time to close an auction

Choose the ideal time to close your auction because people will only visit at auctions that about to close.

It’s strongly recommended that you shut at the peak-traffic times.

You may learn the traffic behaviour on the Buyer Behavior Report that is shown on eBay.


5) Create joint ventures with several power sellers

Yes, even on eBay joint ventures can go a long way.

It’s a lot better if you combine with a bunch of power sellers to promote one or share each other’s listings.

Try to find or input the eBay’s powerseller forum to get to know power sellers.


6) Use good photos

You will get a better price if you have excellent high-quality photos for your listings.

That is in how to make money on eBay when it comes to the basics.

All you’ve got to do is represent photos of your goods and provide the most attractive images to potential buyers.

Some people buy a camera and studio set up from Amazon to photograph their products.

But do not create any deceived photos that will endanger your business. Try to be honest.


7) Build a website

Finally, build a website to help support the product promotion of your eBay business.

To begin with, you can drive more visitors by marketing your goods on Facebook.

Or use other paid marketing and SEO campaigns.


In summary, I hope that this helps you to understand how to make money on eBay.


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