How To Make Money From Home

How To Make Money From Home

Do you want to know how to make money from home to get some extra cash to spoil yourself and your family? Or enjoy a holiday or add to your bank savings?

By no means do we promise that you’ll make money overnight, instead here is the information to plant the seeds for your success and move towards your bigger dreams.

We always take care to manage your expectations while also showing that making money online is possible in a systemized way.


10 Methods For How to Make Money From Home:


1) Start a Blog:


If you are a semi-good writer, you can do what you love and earn money at home by writing about it.

For example, Dollar Sprout uses a blog as a way to spread information about how to earn and save more money.

Your blog can also be a source of information (or fun) about anything that interests you.

And you can earn money by doing it.

A lot of money, really.

If you want to start a blog based on style/fashion, where you share favourite ideas of homemade decorations, or a beauty and fashion blog where you make make-up films and when you write product reviews, you can add more recreational pastimes.

This is a good idea if you prefer to become a new online business owner.

If you are new to blogs, if you want to make money at home but do not know where to start, do a WordPress blog (like this one) with Bluehost.

Its a low-cost way to start your own online business (less than $5/month) and Bluehost offers a free domain and a money back guarantee if you want re-assurance. 



2) Airbnb Host:


Do you have an extra room in the house?

Try to rent it on

According to Smart Asset, you can pay up to 81% of your home costs by including a room in a two-bedroom house.

If you really want to call the big money, the best way is to rent out a private house or rental apartments.

According to the results of Smart Asset, the rates for the total apartments are much higher than for single rooms.

With annual earnings ranging from $ 15,000 to $ 31,000 for two-bedroom apartments.



3) Music Reviewer:


Who knew you could pay to listen to music?

Slicethepie is the largest Internet review site that pays you to listen to music and write detailed reviews.

The amount you earn against the review varies depending on the quality of your review.

The better and more useful, the better.

The minimum payment is $10.

So after reviewing many songs to earn at least $10, your money will be sent to you through direct payments through PayPal.



4) Online Juror:


This is a new option that caught my attention and it is interesting if you have a from the legal background.

The companies will pay you to serve on juries to give feedback to lawyers and other jury advisors on the cases they are currently handling.

Consider this as focus groups.

The cases are true, but the verdict is more of a test run for how things would get to court.

You can earn fees of $5 to $60.

Be sure to read all the disclaimers and details.

If this is interesting, go to or to get a case.



5)  Make money delivering food with UberEats:


These days, driving with Uber is a common hustle and bustle.

But did you know this…

If your vehicle does not meet Uber’s requirements, you can still earn money according to your own schedule by delivering food with UberEats.

Depending on where you live, you can take food in your car, your bike or your scooter.

You can make deliveries day or night, for a long time whatever you want.

Once approved by UberEats, you can sign up for the application and start accepting bookings immediately (and earn money).

And like other delivery jobs, at the end of each delivery, you will be entitled to a tip.



6) Install apps (or allow ads on your phone):


Yes, companies will pay you to install applications (or adverts where applicable) on your cell phone and leave them there.

It is a bit like they are paying for a digital ‘billboard’ on your phone.

Often, these apps run in the background and track your buying/spending habits.

But unless you’re really looking for more hands-on applications, this is the easiest way to get up to $ 300 a year to make a reason.

Ibotta is another new application one you can try.

This is for surprise food buyers.

Many people have won around $1,321.00 of earnings in the last year or so if this gives you an idea of how much you are leaving on the table.

Additionally, they pay users $ 10 to sign them and offer an additional $ 10 for each user they refer.

7) Computer panel and mobile devices Nielson:

Would you like to receive $10,000 plus regular rewards?

Register and you can get a serious payday just to keep an application that is installed on your phone.

Nielsen currently pays $ 50 per year for users to install their installed application on a device that gains device.ibotta



8) Writer, Editor, or Proofreader:


Everyone says you’re a great writer, so it’s not time to pay?

If you’re looking for something a little bit different to clicking away on apps you can become a writer online.

According to Durst, there is a high demand for writing, especially for online content.

Good independent writing websites to find job openings include, and

If you have experience as an editor, writer or copy editor, go to to obtain independent opportunities in these areas.

Average rates are $32, $28 and $26 for writing, editing and proofreading, respectively.



9) Online Guide or Expert:


If your friends seek advice on things they are passionate about, like choosing the best car, repairing appliances or making a death cake, listen: whatever your area of expertise, think of an expert online guide.

This is a huge area in the travel industry especially.

If you love to travel and explore different cities and towns think of the fun you will have earning an income as you do it.

The online guides and experts are self-employed people who can communicate well.

Optionally, at, users agree to pay the answers to their questions from reliable sources, such as veterinarians, lawyers, doctors and more.

As a guide, a percentage of the previously negotiated price will be paid for the answer and the number of answers you provide.



10) Here is a bullet list of how to make money from home:


  • Start an online business
  • Get a free $10 Amazon gift card
  • Watch movie previews, YouTube, and like videos
  • Sign up for free gift cards
  • Become a web freelancer
  • Tutoring and teaching
  • Share your views online


In summary, this was a simple and easy-to-understand explanation of how to make money from home with some real-life examples.


Are you interested to learn more?

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