How To Live The Laptop Lifestyle?

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Would you like to become an online entrepreneur and create a six figure online business? In this video, I’ve explained how it is possible to live the laptop lifestyle as long as you have the certain key characteristics.

With the advances of the technology, the way we do business have changed as well.

Now, I don’t know exactly what comes to your mind when I say “an entrepreneur” but it is most likely one of these names

– Bill Gates

– Elon Musk

– Peter Thiel

– Steve Jobs

– Jeff Bezos

and it is highly that very few of you though of a simple sales person. A blogger on the internet marketing field selling products and services to their small but high quality customers. And what is really surprising is that they are actually making a million dollars doing it.

The biggest misconception our society have against entrepreneurs is that these people are Billionaires. But here is what you forget: these people are also outliers. You can’t really create another Elon Musk or Peter Thiel. There is no one simple strategy or formula you can use to be like them.

So instead of trying to become the next Elon Musk, what if we do something that both contributes to society, helps other people and something a little bit more realistic. A blueprint that is duplicable by everyone who is willing to learn. Something that would work even when the average Joe applied.

Well, in the 21st century, everyone and I repeat everyone who is willing to be open minded has the opportunity to join the new rich. How? Through Blogging. I know you are shocked.

It is my observation that there a lot of people who should become entrepreneurs instead of employees. If you are one of those who were regarded as a little odd, crazy when you were young. Maybe someone who didn’t really fit in with the group. Perfect! You are willing to do unorthodox thing and not afraid of it. The quality we need in an entrepreneurs. This personality type is perfect for an entrepreneurship venture provided that they’ve been educated.

And this is why my company exists. To give you that education that no one really gives. I’m talking about our education system. They are not gonna teach you how to create your own business. Government just wants you to be a sheep. Stay quiet do what you are told and get your salary. Work 15 hours a day for someone else. It is going to pay off in the end.

But look. No one is really happy .They are constantly thinking about the paycheck. They are constantly worrying about bills. They are constantly dreaming of a vacation that never really satisfies when we actually get it. And don’t even get me started on pension plans that’s a joke.

This is what government does to you. This is what our school system does to you. It gives you s life where you are trapped. A life where you are dependent on corporate world and monthly paychecks. A life where you are never really free.

So the big question that we need to answer now is:

If the government disappoints you, what is left to do?

The answer is.You need to take your life in your hands.period. It is what we call self relaince. If you are gonna develop any skill in life, that has to be it.

I’ve personally experienced this but Self-education with books and mentors is miles better than formal education at school. Especially in 21st century. You are extremely lucky.

The kind of information we have in our fingertips or with push of a button is out of this world. The things that you can learn with a google search is something that people could only dream about 50 years ago. Really think about this.

You can go online, you can find mentors who have been there done that, someone that can teach you how things work. And most importantly, someone that can give you results.

Most people tell me: Why should I get a mentor? Isn’t books enough.

And I always tell them, Books are great. I read them everyday but When you get a mentor, They give you laser focus knowledge on a specific topic and provide result for you. If books give you generalized knowledge, mentorship offers you one a one private coaching.

For me, My life changed after my first mentor and I want the same exact thing happen to you. My thoughts on what is possible and what is not financially, mentally, spirituallly had changed dramatically.

As a business and health coach, I don’t want you to worry about bills every day.I want you to be wealthy mentally, psychologically, spirititually and most importantly financially. Everything is inter-connected in our bodies. If you are depressed then it is very difficult to focus and create a business.

My aim is not only for you make full time income but also to keep this wealth you’ve created by adopting healthy lifestyle habits. Especially as bloggers, we sit down too much.

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