How to Invest $1,000 💵 (and grow it to $1 Million)

Was there a time in your life when you thought holding $1,000 cash was just a dream?

In college I was well, BROKE… and it took a long time for me to save enough money to invest that first $1000.

When it comes to investing there are so many options it can certainly feel overwhelming to understand what’s what and how or why your money will be best where.

Let’s cut the BS.

In this video, I’m sharing how I’ve invested and made money and how I’ve absolutely lost my butt in investing.

If you’re questioning where to invest $1,000, then this video is for you.

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🤝 Peer to Peer Lending with Lending Club: with Betterment: Estate Investing with Here’s what you’ll learn in this new video:

▶︎ The top investments I would look at today if I was investing $1,000.

▶︎ How to develop a strategy to pay down your debt before you invest… and why you SHOULD pay down your debt before you invest.

▶︎ What is a “freedom fund” and what power it gives you.

▶︎ How I personally started investing (hint hint: Either a Mutual Fund or ETF) and what I learned from those first investments… Plus, how I lost my butt on a few investments.

▶︎ What is peer-to-peer lending and how does it help you avoid paying tons of fees? (Idea #4)

▶︎ What’s the number one tax-free money investment? ** ROTH IRA ** That’s a big -Z- E- R- O- ⭕️ on taxes that I’m talking about.

▶︎ How one photographer 📸 used his business as a place for his own investment. And how investing into my own online business has created a big return.

▶︎ Why the best investment is YOU! 👈🏽

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