How To Have Your Money Flow Like Mayweather Jr


             “It was a true honour.

Mr. Buffet is a true Business Man …

I told him I wanted to be a billionaire and right their he showed me how to do it with the $100 Million I already have. Before it was a dream but boy o boy when he showed me how to do it…

It felt REAL. REAL possible”

Have Your Money Flow Like The Champ:

Floyd Mayweather is one of the most decorated and RARE undefeated champions in the sport of boxing, and he understands money better than ever.

He’ll make a little less than $30 Million for his next fight and is aiming for more in the future.



  • He has his own promotion company
  • He negotiates all of his deals
  • His team of accountants and managers are all hand picked and focused on every detail
  • He wouldn’t dare do his own bookkeeping. Yet he is known for his ability to see EXPERTS in every field imaginable within his business.

Which is why even as a small business owner or creative professional you shouldn’t take bookkeeping and money management lightly.

There is so much money on the table that you’ll be losing every year.

                 … Floyd met with Warren Buffet (Famous Billionaire), and Warren didn’t show him some untapped stock. He showed him the proper way to manage his books. And now Floyd is on track to become a billionaire.


With Proper Money Management He’ll Receive:

  1. More Focus Action
  2. The Ability To Scale Up
  3. Bigger Profits

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  1. Eric says

    Nice read. Wow so true. In order to be good at anything learn from the best. Floyd is a student. I didn’t know about their meeting but it makes since. Finances is like anything else, we have to learn, however, it’s unfortunate that school doesn’t teach it. The great thing about it is I now get to bookmark this blog and learn from professionals like yourself. Thanks for sharing. You’ve gained a new follower.

    1. Ruth Noel says

      Hi Eric! Thank you very much for your comment 🙂 For more details on the benefits you can contact me directly on 0330 321 1136 or email

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