What’s your 6 key strengths that make your business different?

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My name’s Ruth and I help digital business owners who have no time to do the accounting and those who want to save money on taxes while building 6-figure businesses.

Over the past years people often ask, ‘What makes you unique?’ and, ‘What’s different about you?’

And for the LONGEST time this question was almost impossible for me to answer!

My initial thought had always been, ‘I can’t explain what makes me unique! I’m just Me! Everyone is unique, right?

I’d get a brain freeze anytime a friend, colleague, supplier, church leader, romantic partner, bank manager or client asked me this!

Honestly, I still can’t explain everything that makes me ‘unique’ in a quick chat.

I’d probably have to tell you my whole life story over a weekend break! Ha ha. (Or just check my Instagram, the most ‘interesting’ social media platform right now!)

Use this 6 strengths strategy

Good thing is though, now I have a little strategy to quickly round up SOME of my main strengths, which contribute to making me who I am.

After some self-exploration, tons of reading, crazy life experiences and awesome achievements (seriously, I need a couple of pages to delve into this area lol)…

I’ve finally uncovered my underlying core beliefs that have been with me as a child and still help me advance today.

You could say everything else stems from here. Here ya go:

The 3 C’s




The 3 E’s





Disclaimer: I’m not sure where my love for twerk music, racing and pole fitness fits into this!

Importantly, I believe everyone is unique. So now I ask you, ‘What makes you unique?’. Let me know your main strengths!

Everyone is made up differently, and this is what makes us work together in an amazing way.

I’m here to empower others, not to change others. And for some reason, I’m naturally the best to work with people that are:




*Ethical hustlers










So if you think my unique strengths can support you on your journey, I’d be happy to learn more about you. Let’s talk today!

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