How to Get Your Dog Sponsored on Instagram

Influencer marketing has been intensifying on social media for years, and influencers can extend to much more than just people. If you think your puppies have stellar potential, here are five tips for your dog to head for Instagram stardom. So in this article, we will summarize how to get your dog sponsored on Instagram.

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Follow these Steps a Sponsored Dog On Instagram:

1. Take more photos than you think you will need

While some business-oriented accounts may outshine your page, pet-related content never goes out of style on Instagram! Take lots of photos of your dog from puppy stage to adulthood. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to do this – as long as you find decent lighting and a smartphone.

You need to be set up to take Instagram-quality photos of your puppies. There are some professional photographers who take high-quality photos of their pets and distribute them in less frequent posts, but most dog accounts generally post a few times a day to keep up with their audience’s feeds.

2. New videos are better

We all know that video content is key to a great social media strategy, and recording videos is easier than ever when you have a smartphone in your pocket.

Instagram introduced the new ‘reels’ feature in 2020 so you can try that out and upload short 15-second videos of your cute puppy.

Taking a short video of your dog will go a long way in increasing his online reach.  And creating content that is likely to be syndicated by other larger accounts, and can significantly increase the following.

An Instagram account like Pupflix has more than a million followers.  They extract their favorite videos from users using their hashtags and redirect them to their followers.

3. Don’t take your content too seriously

Dog accounts, like any social media account, should show relatable content to their audience.  Even if that means funny photos like this dog in a baseball cap.

One of the best benefits of having an Instagram account for your dog is that it is a lot of fun! Dog-lovers who manage dog accounts themselves seek humor and calm to brighten their day. So while you can be serious about managing your dog account don’t be too serious about its content. Like during any social media campaign.

4. Think about your hashtags

Any Instagram strategy needs a strong hashtag to be successful. While Facebook content today generally requires paid promotions to gain engagement, Instagram content may still gain traction organically, but it works best when using strategic hashtags related to all photos. Research your dog’s breed-specific hashtags to find an audience that is likely already related to your dog.

5. Walk but don’t run out

When you reach a certain threshold of progress, you should start getting more attention, especially for sponsored jobs and partnerships. When done correctly, this type of content can be a great way to connect with your followers by sharing products and brands that interest you and will also help improve the lives of your followers’ pets.

However, if done poorly, you can push your own fanbase away.

Before you go, I hope this above article how to get your dog sponsored on Instagram is helpful and informational for you.

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