Tax Deductions For Dog Groomers

A Simple Guide To Tax Deductions For Dog Groomers

Here is a simple list of tax deductions for dog groomers. If you’re in a rush print out this list or Pin it on Pinterest for another time.

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A hairdresser or stylist for dogs takes care of the hygiene and aesthetic care of man’s best friends.

However, there is a topic that is widely used and is that of tax deductions for dog groomers, what should we know about this very important area of business?

Synonyms and trades related to the dog groomer: canine maintenance technician, pet sitter, animal trainer, canine trainer, canine educator, behavioural educator, veterinarian, behavioural veterinarian, veterinary assistant, veterinary assistant.

The union brings together dog and cat breeders, hairdressers, caregivers, dog trainers, behaviourists, trainers to search for herds, pensioners and shelter.

Of course, this wide range of activities allows our members and animal owners to find quality services provided by recognized professions.


What Can You Claim?

If you work with your dog, or with a group of dogs being a hairdresser, you can claim a tax deduction for certain expenses.

Here is a list of examples, although speak to your tax accountant for more specific tax deductions:

  • Dog shampoo and grooming items
  • Foods for dog grooming business
  • Cleaning and hygiene items
  • Travel and fuel for running the service
  • Your utility costs (or a percentage)
  • Training costs
  • Salaries of staff
  • Marketing, websites or branding
  • Subscriptions and accounting software

Ranch and farm owners who use dogs to keep their flocks can generally claim a waiver for the cost of buying, training and feeding their dogs.

In 2002, a farmer filed an application with the Canadian Tax Court for an exemption for food for dogs and cats.
The Court held that this deduction was permissible because the animals retained their blueberries. This decision is based on the fact that the farmer was growing blueberries for commercial purposes.

However, you cannot claim any deduction for a pet dog, even if it maintains its plants.

On the other hand, if you have a service animal, some of your expenses may be deductible.

Keep in mind that some expenses are considered medical expenses and not business expenses.

For example, suppose you own a hairdresser and have a service dog because of your epilepsy.

Your dog accompanies you to work every day, but does not represent a deductible business expense.

On the other hand, you can report the expenses related to your dog in the medical expenses section, as you would with the medications you take at work.

However, if some expenses related to your dog are made related to the operation of your business, they have generally considered business expenses.

This could be expenses incurred by farmers or farmers, but also dog groomers, animal caretakers or other professionals in the field.

However, most of the time, your pet dog expenses are not deductible, even if the
the dog is your coworker!

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I hope this helps you out with tax deductions for dog groomers, but if you have a question put it in the comments below and we’ll answer it today.


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