How to Get Free Clothes from Brands

There are few things that give me more enjoyment than going to the store to buy new clothes. According to a report on US consumer spending, Americans spend an average of $ 1,833 a year on new clothes and the latest fashions. A great figure for someone who can’t even separate $ 40 from their wallet for a new pair of jeans. So in this article, we will discuss how to get free clothes from brands.

If you’re feeling bad and don’t want to break the bank of new designer clothes from expensive brands like Nike, check out this list of 6 legitimate places to find free clothes online.

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How to get free clothes from Brands:


1. Earn reward points (and spend on clothing)

The easiest way to get free sweatshirts, t-shirts, jeans, and shoes can be to sign up for a reward site (or sites) that allow you to earn points – points you can redeem for cash, or in this case, clothing.

Swagbucks: The people over at Swagbucks will really pay you to watch videos! Work from home on your smartphone or iPhone. They’ll give you points that can be converted to cash on the app. You can join for free and also complete paid surveys and sign up FREE. I also get loads of points on Swagbucks when I buy my designer clothing on eBay and other stores, as well as when I buy household goodies on Amazon. Get the latest drip and shop smart.

There are several options online to earn points. Some programs allow you to redeem points for gift cards, but some give you cash. Either way, exchanging reward points for clothes is a great way to fill your wardrobe.

2. Reimbursement of rewards

Ibotta and Rakuten are cash back apps that allow you to spend your winnings at major retailers at deep discounts (think Amazon, Walmart, Nike, and many more). The apps work slightly differently, but both bring you closer to getting free clothes online. Ibotta is a shopping rewards app that allows you to redeem your rewards on an amazing variety of amazing products.

3. Cash at credit card reward points

Some credit cards provide reward points when you shop at certain retailers, and how much you earn depends on the card you use. Some cards issue a 1% cash back in each category, while others offer a 5% cash back at department stores. New card members can also earn a signed lucrative bonus when they spend above a certain threshold.

4. Start a fashion blog

Starting a fashion blog is a good way to get free clothing from companies. When you set up your blog and attract readers, companies can email you free clothes to review your site. You can also use affiliate links to promote your favorite products and earn a referral fee. For example, f you have a favorite pair of jeans, you can promote the brand on your blog and earn enough money to buy a new pair.i

5. Set up a clothing exchange

A costume swap is a fun event to organize with your neighbors, friends, or a local group of moms. You decide in advance how many clothes and accessories to bring, and show everyone exchanging clothes with everyone else. Clothing exchanges work best when invitations use similar styles and styles.

6. Take a look at is an online network with local chapters established in communities around the world. Everything that appears on the site must be delivered free of charge, so you pay nothing. If you’re looking for free clothing, visit to find out what’s available for adults, teens, babies, and toddlers. If you look regularly, you have to get great clothes for free.


Before you go, I hope this above article how to get free clothes from brands is helpful and beneficial for you.



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