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As seen in the picture above Neobux is a PTC and PTC itself means paid to click which has a site definition that will be paid to the user / member to click on and read the ads they post. Every click on an ad that we did were rewarded with a $ (dollar), so the more you click on advertisements each day, the greater the revenue dollars that go into your account.

Why Should Neobux?

As we know that a lot of programs other than NeoBux PTC is scattered on the internet. There are many factors that must be considered when you will join the PTC program sebuat namely how the system, how the rules of the relationship, rights, obligations between client / you and the provider / organizer and the most important is the guarantee of payment.

Proven since 2008 until now neobux very good reputation even so PTC number one (1) in the world, any payment Instant is when you want to withdraw money in Neobux work the second time also go directly to your Paypal. Well … !!! in seconds directly into your Paypal account.

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