How To Find an Angel Investor UK

How To Find An Angel Investor UK

Do you want to grow your startup and attract rich clients? Here is information on how to find an angel investor UK, read more below.

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Is It Easy To Find An Angel Investor?

You have decided to quit working for the man and become – male or female – an all-star entrepreneur and a brand-new small business owner.

You have scouted out your location, designed a marketing program, or ordered up some business cards from the infamous Vistaprint…

Everything is ready except one Minor detail.

The capital required to fund your company.

Getting company start-up financing is the toughest part of establishing a brand-new enterprise.

With today’s unstable economics, new business entrepreneurs are finding it hard to get the company start-up financing they need from the banks.

Even in a flourishing economics, new companies usually struggle to find investors.


How To Work With Angel Investors

Using Angel investors, or sources, is a way to gain company or start-up financing.

As the Angels can provide a sum of money, the equity gap cans fill.

However, you must be ready to provide your Angel with Business stock options, percentage ownership and a, and a large ROI.

If you don’t want to give up complete ownership of your new company, then an Angel investor might not be the right decision.


Can Banks Help Instead Of Angel Investors?

You Can Bank On It.

Bank loans provide a brand new company owner with another means of company start-up funding.

A major requirement – and – a determining factor at most banks – to get a bank loan is having a good credit history.

Another key is to see your company plan, which reflects the services and products offered, along with your company’s mission statement. Your company plan should also include financial predictions since it’ll show lenders that the business will be capable to generate enough money to make loan payments.

There is No Business Like. Your Own Business.

Many individuals dream of owning their very own company. It can take guts, determination and prayers – let alone good business sense.

With that, let us hope your company dreams all come true – and – your bottom line lives happily ever after.


Alternatives To Finding Angel Investors

Using financing to raise capital is generally the first alternative.

Money could be raised from their life insurance policy coverage contract from savings and checking accounts, credit cards, any funds from occupation – borrowing.

Funds can also be obtained via the sale of property, vehicles, recreation/sports equipment – as well as rare collectibles.

Many new entrepreneurs choose to utilize this coupled with sources out there since the risks are using finances.

Asking friends and family for financial help is a very simple way to raise business start-up financing quickly.

You may feel awkward, but the reason the money is needed by you is an opportunity – not a duty.

Often family, friends and times are enthusiastic about the idea and will want to lend money to you and support your growth.

If these alternative methods spark an idea for you, that is great.

If not, read below for more on how to find an angel investor UK.


Angel Investor Directories

Employing an angel investor directory is an intricate process.

You will find an assortment of distinct lists available you can either download free of charge or buy from a 3rd party.

Therefore, it is essential that you make sure that if you are employing a publicly available directory of angel investors the list is current and has proper contact information if you are looking for an investment for the business.

Here are 4 top sites for Angel Investor Directories:

  1. The Investor Directory
  2. Angel Investment Network
  3. SeedLegals
  4. UK Business Angels


Unfortunately, there are an assortment of companies out there which provide bogus directories or from date info which will by no way help your company as you progress during the capital raising process.

Therefore, it is crucial that you are able to find an organisation which may provide you with the credibility that you need whenever you start your quest for private investment in your business.

As an alternative to purchasing a costly angel investor directory, then you can work directly with a personal placement brokerage or capital debut company (like the companies listed above).

These businesses are generally licensed securities dealers that can aid you as you seek capital for your business or ongoing small business concern.

Nonetheless, the fees which are associated with working with such companies is too high.

Ordinarily, a private placement agent will charge a fee equal to ten percent of the total amount of funds raised.


What Are the Fees?

There might be some upfront fees as it relates to their production of a personal placement memorandum, small business plan, subscription agreement, along with other documentation that’s needed when you’re working with an angel investor.

In addition, a lawyer will also need to be involved with any transaction that you’ve with a 3rd party financing source.



In a nutshell, an angel invest directory is a good way to begin the search as it relates to finding leads for the necessary small business investment.

Among the ways that you could also find private investors for your company is to work closely with your certified public accountant.

These people and firms frequently have broad directories of rich individuals which are often trying to provide capital to local small companies.

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As such, you can reduce the cost of finding private investors on a continuing basis by simply working with professionals which you’ve hired in regards to your company operations.

In many of our future articles, we’re going to continue to concentrate on how you can efficiently find funding, loans and finance for your small business on a continuing basis as it relates to self employed individuals and small business.

On a final note, I truly expect that this will inspire you to take the next step with how to find an angel investor UK.


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