How to Claim Travel Expenses to Save On Tax

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I travel to London quite a lot for work, meetings, networking. I am always on the go.

I direct the vision of my company Tax Twerk and am supported by a team of qualified and experience chartered accountants and bookkeepers. So, this is just a quick overview. In the past I have helped about a hundred people with their accounting, tax issues and bookkeeping. And I am on a mission to grow that number to one thousand (then 1 Million) and when we hit that target, we are going pot throw a massive party and invite you and everyone to come down and joins the big Tax Twerk VIP party with music, food and dancing!

Today we are taking about travelling. People have been asking me about travel expenses and what they can claim back to save on tax.

So I have designed this little infographic which you can get for free to help you save on tax (for a limited time).

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On the list, the top fifteen expenses are which you could and should claim back for your business and that goes through all different things like travel expenses, materials, dues, products, salary and a bunch of other stuff as well.

Some people are already aware of the travel expenses and what they can claim back. You might be claiming back everything in your business. I guess this video serves as a reminder as well – Claim your travel expenses! If you use your car for business, keep a mileage log when you use it for business.

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