15 Main Expenses You Can Claim Back – Infographic


I know it can get confusing from time to time when you’re thinking about what expenses you’re allowed to claim back.

So use this simple, clear and easy-to-follow guide to see the various expenses you can claim claim back to lower your tax bill.

What makes our guide different?

It’s not filled with jargon to put you to sleep.

It’s an infographic, because we’re cool like that.

It tells you the 15 Main Expenses You Should Keep Track Of in Your Business.

Print it out and keep it on your pinboard. Or save it on your desktop and click on it everyday to check your claiming the right expenses. Or pin it on your ‘Money board’ on Pinterest.

This is perfect help for self-employed, freelancers, startups, or small business owners, who sometimes feel unsure about the type of expenses that you can claim back.

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