How much money can u make with UberEats

With UberEats, you can deliver food instead of people in your area. It’s easy to sign up and you can pay cash quickly with Instant Pay.

How much money can u make with UberEats? If you want to earn money as an Uber driver, but you are going to tell stories about drunk passengers, you can bring food instead of people with the company’s meal delivery service.


Here is a guide to start as an UberEats dealer.

  • It is easy to register. All you need is a delivery method and a smartphone.
  • You are paid for delivery and can make trips at any time.
  • Get paid once a week or use Instant Pay to pay up to five times a day.


What you need

Delivery workers with Uber are not subject to the same rules and regulations as regular Uber or Lyft drivers. You must be 19, instead of 21, to use a car to deliver to Uber. A car does not have to do a 19-point inspection, which ensures that the vehicle is fully operational, to start working for UberEats.


These are some essential requirements for delivery to UberEats.

Mode of transport:

depending on your city, you can make UberEats deliveries with a car, scooter or bicycle. Any car will operate two or four doors, as long as the vehicle was manufactured after 1997 and has a driver’s license and registration. You must have your license in the United States for at least one year, and in most states, you must drive for at least three years if you are under 23 years old. A scooter must have a 50cc engine or less and travel no faster than 30 miles per hour. You can also deliver a bicycle, as long as you recognize it as your delivery method when you register.


you must have enough insurance for the vehicle. Uber provides up to $ 1 million liability insurance during deliveries; it covers you from the moment you accept a job until you finish it. Between trips, you get coverage and liability for injuries, but not much. Tell your personal insurance company that your Uber is delivering, because the policy can be canceled if the company takes it out. Discuss the amount and type of insurance you need for the period between deliveries.


You can use any smartphone that supports the Uber application. You must have a solid data plan because you will use the Uber application or from a sending application during the entire working time.

Verify the fund:

create an account with UberEats. Once you upload some documents to your account, Uber will check the background, which may take several days.


Take bookings

the selection and delivery process is simple. This is how orders work:

1. Go online.

You can deliver at any time by clicking on the application and selecting the blue “connect” button at the top. The application will show deliveries as soon as they are available online.

2. Accept deliveries.

When deliveries are available, the application will play and emphasize it to inform you and show you the general location to which you should go. To accept it, click anywhere in the application within 15 seconds after receiving the notification and then you will get directions to your destination. If time is not taken, the offer will go to another driver in the area.

3. Take the food.

Verify that the order is correct before going out to deliver it. The client pays everything, so there is no need to handle money. If there is a mixture of hot and cold foods, try to keep them separate. Store food in an upright position and in a place that is unlikely to fall. An insulated food bag is ideal for this.

4. Delivery.

Once you arrive at your destination, check the articles in the application to see if there are notes that the client has left, such as the fixed number or if a speaker can get the order. The client may not remind you to leave, but if you are asked to bring the order to the door, find a safe place to park before leaving. You can also call the customer to find the best delivery method for both.

5. Complete the order.

Once you have delivered the order, delete the application to complete the work. Repeat the process for all the deliveries you want. The application will continue to inform you of deliveries until you are online. To take a break and stop delivery alerts during that time, you must enter the application’s travel menu and change its status to disconnect.

Earn money

there is no set price for delivery with UberEats. Instead, the trip payment is calculated using a formula that takes into account factors that include the duration and shipping costs paid by the customer. After completing each delivery, the customer has the opportunity to send it through the application and give it a rating according to a system similar to that of Uber controllers.

Money out

How much money can u make with UberEats. Payments are made weekly to your direct deposit account. Uber offers Instant Pay, which allows you to transfer your earnings to a debit card up to five times a day. You can also view your earnings at any time by clicking on the “Earnings” button in the application.


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