How much can I claim for laundry expenses self employed?

Cost of clothes, washing and dry drying.

How much can I claim for laundry expenses self employed you can claim a deduction for the cost of buying and cleaning race-specific clothing, protective clothing and specific custom uniforms? To claim a deduction, you may need to have written evidence that you bought the clothes and daily records or written evidence of your cleaning costs. Written evidence must be retained for a representative period of at least one month if the following two apply:

  • what you claim is more than $ 150
  • Your total demand for work-related costs is more than $ 300.

If you received an assignment from your employer for clothing, uniforms, laundry or cleaning, be sure to show the amount of the allowance on your tax return, as it is a taxable income. You can only claim a deduction for what you really spent.

Specific clothing for lifestyle

You can claim clothing that is specific to your career, not every day and that allows the public to easily identify your career, such as the plaid pants worn by a chef. You cannot claim the cost of buying or cleaning the clothes you have bought for non-career work, such as the black pants and the white shirt of the holder, a business suit or a swimming instructor’s swimsuit.



a tax deduction is allowed when a fabric is purchased as part of a uniform. HMRC defines uniform as clothing items that are easily identifiable from everyday clothing and should be used to fulfill that particular duty. For example, nurses or police uniforms are a tax deduction allowed.


Protective clothes

the costs of protective clothing can be claimed as a business expense. These are garments that are treated as a physical requirement due to the nature of the work. Helmets, protective boots and overalls are examples of hard protective clothing.


Mandatory work uniforms

This is the set of garments that you recognize as an employee of an organization.  That has a compliance policy that makes.  It mandatory for you to wear the uniform while working. You may be able to claim a deduction for shoes, socks and socks.  Where they are an essential part of a specific mandatory uniform.  And where their characteristics (color, style and type) are specified in your employer’s uniform policy. You may be able to claim a particular item of clothing. Such as a sweater, if you have to wear it at work.


Unregulated work uniform

you can only claim expenses incurred for non-mandatory work uniforms if your employer has registered the design with Industry. Shoes, socks and socks cannot be part of a non-mandatory work uniform, none of which can make an item like a sweater. How much can I claim for laundry expenses self employed.


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