Google My Business 2019 Optimization Tutorial – Free Local Leads

If you don’t optimize your Google My Business Listing you won’t get leads. In this video I show you exactly how to get your listing to show up across all the most valuable keywords in your niche or professional business practice.

It’s very important to know why your local business needs to be on Google My Business. Here is the link to my video covering exactly that –

In this video, we cover why it’s so important to optimize your GMB listing for reaching your highly qualified audience, clients, leads and customers.

Users on Google are searching hourly for local businesses to help them with their problems on Google, Google Maps, and the mobile Google search app. If you could just show up…

In the video, we talk exactly about that. How to show up for the most amount of local search queries possible around your local area.

The more searches you can show up for, the more potentials leads, clients, and customer will get in touch with you about your products and services. This ultimately means more money in you pocket if you can deliver on the goods and services you promise.

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