Ways For Females To Make Money Online

The Top 12 Ways For Females To Make Money Online

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing for ways for females to make money online. This article is designed with women in mind, and of course, men can use the websites we recommend too. There are unlimited technical methods to make thousands of dollars with Forex and cryptocurrency that you can check out on our website, but the theme here is simple and easy ideas that are free or very low-cost. Enjoy.

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What to Sell to Make Money?


1) A purse in good condition

These are sold every time they are listed! I know friends who sell purses and handbags on eBay to get a profit. This works better if it’s a bag name like Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga or Gucci. 

Not a lot of people know about it, but I am growing a  women’s fashion community on Facebook and we list designer handbags and earn a commission automatically with the eBay Affiliate Program. You can also join as an affiliate for free to learn more about it.

Depending on the stock selling, you can earn 50-75% of the retail price if they are in excellent condition.

Every time someone asks me how they can make money in a few days or less, this is the # 1 thing I say they sell if it’s in good condition. Personally, I bought a second hand Louis Vuitton bag that I found on eBay (and I praise it!). There is no reason why you cannot sell your expensive bag and go get a new one or use the money to invest in another business…

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2) Brand name clothing from Goodwill

Basically, you just need to visit Goodwill, find some great items (some will have labels on them!) and list them for sale in local Facebook buying/selling/ trading groups in your area.

Make a list of them today, and if you understand correctly what you will sell, you could get a good profit in a few days.

You can take them directly to the stores that offer cash at the place for the clothes, but you will generally pay and make the same amount per item, so it is not a good idea if you need it.

Many women at home class this as one of the best ways they can earn extra money, even when they do not need it quickly. It’s fun to do it.


3) Kitchen gadgets

There is no need to keep all of your gadgets if you do not use them every day (it will not be lost). Did you want to make a cup of coffee and ended up buying a percolator machine and/or an espresso machine? Let one of them go! You can probably use the extra money for something else. After a while, you do not realize it’s gone. 


4) Video games or gaming systems

All parents will oppose this if they have a child who wants a Wii system or other game system. All children will be on to you for birthday and Christmas presents if they don’t want to buy it with their money. For example, the Wii systems mean you can sell some games in just a few minutes in Facebook groups to buy/sell/local trade!. This means that it is an excellent way to earn money if your family has older games or they have outgrown it.

5) Old phones or charging stations

When I update my smartphone, I sometimes keep the old one for my daughter to play games from the app store. A couple of years later I have many old phones in my hands. I sell them to other people who need the phone for Internet connectivity, but it does not need to be a phone plan. Or you can use websites that pay you to send them your old phones. I also heard that people are selling electronic products to Amazon in exchange for gift cards. You can learn about In Amazon’s trading program here.


6) Kids clothing and items

Got kids growing up fast? Then you have a gold mine in your hands. You can really resell children’s clothes quickly in Facebook groups, in consignment stores, sales centers and on Craigslist. It is more effective if you can put together some clean items together and sell at a price higher than one item at a time. However, you may be able to earn more profits if you can list premium in a separate list.

Alternatively, most people around you have two or two blue jeans that they no longer wear. Grab them and sell them! If these are in good condition, they will go quickly.

Kids constantly need new backpacks, and tons of people have kids! If you have one in rather good condition, you can get a good price for a used backpack. Make sure to take a pic of the inside….people want to be sure they’re not all gunked up inside! Bonus points if you think to sell this item around back to school time.

There are also toys you can sell like plastic playhouses or tricycles. These can be sold at a great price! Some toys have more than 50% commercial value. 

Lastly, don’t forget baby gear. This is only for your parents (or for anyone who is good at thrifting!) Think of: high chairs, inflatable walkers, walkers, mats, baby clothes, diaper bags, etc.


7) Furniture

Chairs, tables, otters, side tables, kitchen tables, desks, really are easy to sell fast to the right people. People love new and old furniture: if they cannot use them in their own home as they are, they will take it as a DIY project and you can upcycle the items if you are creative.

8) Tools

My friend’s husband earned hundreds of dollars by selling garage tools in garage sales. Everyone who has a house needs tools, so use them. You can earn a little extra money by selling small tools, such as hammers and saws, or by earning more money selling gasoline tools, such as cutting weeds or chain saws.

You can also sell bikes and vehicle parts these are perfect items for quick money sales because there are many people who need them and cannot have a full price. 


10) Sports equipment

Another necessity of life with anyone who has kids or is just really into sports. Think soccer goals, basketballs, baseball mitts, etc. This is a super easy thing to sell online. Just a picture or two and people will be able to tell if they want to buy it. 


11) Holiday decorations

Are you great at designing hampers and home crafts?  Think of: tables, dinnerware, party scenes, Christmas decorations with candle themes, etc. Good sellers are always earning money with festive themes. You can even create videos and post them on YouTube to teach people how to come up with tons of decorating and DIY ideas.


12) Books

I buy new books all the time and collect some at my home. I use the Amazon Seller application on my phone to quickly scan barcodes and sell worthwhile ones. If my book is sold for less than $3, I will donate it in the donated container. But if it’s $3 or more, I enlist it and send it when it’s sold.

I hope that this helps you out with ways for females to make money online.


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