Get Help with an Unpaid Property Tax Lien

State and local governments collect property taxes to finance public services and institutions. And are often associated with public education first aid services.  And the operating costs of local museums and parks.  So now we will talk about get help with an unpaid property tax lien.

A warning comes with your dream home, in the form of a property tax lien, and you’re not sure what to do. Friends and real estate agents told him to view the lien as a red flag and move on. But most of the time, buying a perfect home doesn’t have to be a tax lien on a property. You are only doing your homework for the cause of the lien.  What it is for and if your agreed selling price will take over the seller’s debt.

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Get help with an unpaid property tax lien

A lien is charged to a property when the owner fails to pay annual state or local government taxes on the property. The lien is the amount owed and must be paid for the sale or refinancing of the property. Other types of tax debt can lead to a tax lien on the property. The lure of a lien can make many home buyers or investors rush down.  The hills for fear of having to pay large sums of money that the seller has long ignored.  The deal may be trivial. If you owe $ 300,000 on your mortgage (or mortgages).  And have a tax lien of $ 10,000 a merchant’s offer does not cover $ 295,000 of your total debt.

Often a property tax lien will take precedence as the first lien on the mortgage. This can cause the mortgage lender to refuse to accept.  The sale unless the IRS agrees to make the tax lien secondary to the existing mortgage meaning the mortgage will be paid first.  And increase the likelihood that the mortgage lien is paid in full. In any case where the sale price of the property is less than the full amount of the lien on the property.  It is a short sale and additional steps are required for the approval of all lien holders in question.

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Your title insurance company whose first job is to research the property title.  And uncover all possible difficulties as points out is whether the lien can be easily removed at closing. Otherwise title insurance notifies the buyer and seller.  Who must negotiate to clear up the lies and ensure that all lien holders are satisfied with the transaction.
At this point you may be looking for a lengthy process to get approval for a short sale from all the lenders involved.  Expect the measure to take five to six months to obtain full approval from all parties involved.

Things you should know about buying property with a tax lease

  • Your title insurance will deal with the loss of the lien. Sometimes lies from any source (property taxes, unpaid child support, or unpaid homeowners association fees) are sometimes lost in the original discovery period.
  • Without title insurance, any liens not found are your responsibility. If you have not purchased title insurance, it is your responsibility to pay unpaid property tax or a roof that has still been paid for work on the home by a lien that was not found prior to its closing.
  • Deferred maintenance may be involved by tax doctors. Not all property taxes go unpaid due to the seller’s financial difficulties, but if combined with multiple lies about the property the house is expected to have some problems.
  • It is up to you to keep up with your property taxes. While you expect you to be free and free of any encumbrances upon completion, it is your responsibility to ensure that you pay your property taxes in full and on time.


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