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Tax attorneys understand the interaction between different tax laws and regulations, and in planning strategies to minimize people’s tax obligations. Tax Attorney free advice in California is available for you. Many tax laws are understandable only for lawyers, so it is very difficult to understand them. There are also many types of taxes and tax laws, for example, income taxes, corporate and commercial taxes, death taxes, property taxes, property and gift taxes, sales taxes and international taxes. Taxes are sometimes based on an inflated or incorrect value that the government has assigned to an entity or activity. Tax attorneys will help you challenge the value or the tax itself, and help you reduce your taxes through careful planning.


8 The Attorney General can help you organize your tax debt

  • Payment negotiation or payment agreement
  • Make move in liquidation
  • Consolidation of the tax debt with loans and credit cards.
  • The IRS avoids seizure and property collection
  • Give bankruptcy advice
  • General Client Privilege
  • Other relief options
  • Appeal Decisions

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the tax administrator of the US Department of the Treasury and offers tax debt relief programs for taxpayers with tax problems. There are also third-party organizations, such as debt settlement companies that provide assistance for tax debt relief. Keep in mind that there are also tax debt relief scams, so be sure to choose a reputable company with tax attorneys, certified public accountants (CPA) and other tax professionals.


Sanctions and interests

The IRS may impose fines and severe interest on taxes that are not paid on due dates. Interest rates are based on the federal short-term rate plus 3% and are calculated daily on previous amounts and fines owed. The delay in payment may generate a fine of 25% of the amount due. Failure to file a return can result in significantly higher rates and a late payment penalty. Regardless of your ability to pay taxes due, it is very important to file your tax return. Remember that filing the statement does not prevent late payments from accruing.

Small business owners, free workers and independent contractors run the risk of borrowing, since their taxable income is not automatically withheld. They are generally subject to taxes on self-employment and payroll. Those who earn more than a certain amount of non-taxable income are expected to pay an estimated quarterly tax. Failure to pay estimated taxes generates interest and fines calculated daily and based on periods of 3 months.


Tax liens and levies

if you have an unpaid tax return or do not pay your taxes in full, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can begin the process of charging the unpaid amount. This could result in federal tax lien, public lawsuit against your property. This has serious consequences, such as influencing your credit and your ability to manage your assets. If the debt is not yet satisfied, the IRS can legally seize or encumber your property to pay the tax debt. In the case of taxes, the IRS has more options than common lenders. They can earn salaries, salaries, commissions, dividends and even enter bank and retirement accounts, get to your home, your car and your other property. The collection process can be frustrating and emotional, but it is important to know that there are legal steps you can take to protect yourself and your property.


Best Tax Attorneys Lawyers


Randy Sue Pollock

I represent clients in federal and state courts throughout the state and nation who are committing crimes of conspiracy, espionage, securities fraud, mortgage fraud, tax fraud, money laundering, email and electronic fraud, drug trafficking, exploitation of marijuana in cases of RICO domestic violence


Owen David Kaye

Estate tax planning differs from “estate planning”.  It is estate planning that determines “who receives the thing.” On the contrary the planning of the heritage TAC determines.  The value of the object given to the heirs. In the planning of the wealth tax we use the tools provided by Congress. Limited family societies GRAT (annuity trusts retained by donors) private annuities. SCIN (self-cancellation fee notes) qualified personal residential trusts, etc.  To add value to these heirs at reduced value.


Theodore Michael Hankin

Theodore M. Hankin is a licensed attorney and certified public accountant (CPA) in the state of California. He has practiced law since 1977 and uses his years of experience to help clients in and around Riverside County through complex legal courses. Represents legal firms, brokers, distributors, engineers, manufacturers, those in the computer technology industry and other professionals and individuals. He has considerable experience in estate planning and negotiation of laws, helping clients plan and protect their best interests. For more information on Mr. Hankin’s practice, schedule your initial consultation with Messina and Hankin.


Tax Attorney free advice in California is a good idea. Before considering your best options, you should make sure you have filed your tax return, including applicable deductions, exemptions and credits. Most relief options require tax obligations available to file your return first. If you cannot pay the full tax debt, the IRS may consider alternatives, some of which have more consequences than others. For some taxpayers, monthly payments are an option. Negotiating an installment payment agreement with the IRS can help in several ways, such as the release of taxes or the return of seized property. Establishing an agreement can stop penalties and solve problems with loans. In the case of short-term plans, there are generally no fees for requesting the agreement. However, long-term payment plans involve application fees.


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