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Are you looking to start your own free ecommerce website?

Defining sites is more complicated now than ever before as a result of the diversification and development of technology and resources.

Below is a breakdown of 4 types of web sites you can start up on the internet.


What Is An Ecommerce Website?

Ecommerce sites are online shops making it convenient to store in the comfort of your own home.

Ecommerce web sites enable company owners to run and keep their shop from a workplace or home environment without the necessity of a costly shopfront.

This type of web site also integrates a checkout cart so as to let you purchase straight from the website.

You can start a free trial on Shopify to being your journey with a free ecommerce website.


Blogs and Blogging Websites

Blogs came to the mainstream cutting edge in the early to mid-2000s.

This type of website operates in reverse chronological order and might either support a business or stand alone from its own right.

Blogging is very popular as it enables a direct and personal interaction with your audience that will provide feedback directly on the site.

Personal blog web sites are generated by people for family and friends to share info and pictures with one another.

This type of website has limited use for businesses since they generally not search engine friendly from their own setup.

These sites have one sole goal – that is to enable the sharing and uploading of photos online.

Pro Tip: Use keywords throughout your articles to attract more readers.

Blogs are generally free to use.

Additionally, they have many practical uses especially for those from the photographic, fashion and artistic industries.


Social Sites

In many cases, you can set up a profile or page on a social networking site and use this for your own free ecommerce website.

You can focus on growing your following and begin making sales to your followers when the time is right.

In this case, you won’t have to pay for any website maintenance costs or web hosting.

Examples of popular networking sites to put up your own pages include Facebook, Tumblr, Medium, Quora, Instagram and Pinterest.

Although they may also integrate online forums.

Despite this, remember that they’re established purely for socialising and discussing topics – not for direct selling.

Social web sites enable one to one connections between individuals so it is better to use them for building clout.


Informational Sites

Online dictionaries, local councils and real estate businesses are samples of informational websites.

They supply you with info that you might be seeking in addition to further details on how you may contact the company with questions if applicable.

If the site is linked to the government or local charity then you will not be able to montesize with adverts as much as the previous examples.

On the other hand, an online brochure based web site is more than simply for informational purposes since it goes further from depth to provide details about products that are available to buy.

This differs from the traditional ecommerce web site as it does not have the checkout facility available on the web to buy immediately.

An example of this is the Chanel website showcasing new releases of their luxury designer clothing.

However, to buy you must visit your nearest Chanel outlet.


Optimising Your Website

Subsequently, you have to make sure your free ecommerce website is suitable for people searching with smartphones or tablets.

Trying to see full size web sites on a mobile may be hard.

However, there are websites being created especially for this use.

Mobile phone searching is expected to increase over the next decade as people use laptops less often.

As a lot more individuals are using their phones to surf the net and view webpages, then the number of those sites will only rise in the future.

These are identified as sites that strive to provide info on a certain subject or topics to the reader.

Google have already began to focus on listing websites that are correctly optimised for mobile devices.


In conclusion, I hope this helps you to understand more about the right free ecommerce website for you.

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