For Work At Home Moms

For Work At Home Moms: Advantages of Being a Work at Home Mother

Are you looking to find jobs for work at home moms and juggling childcare, work, appointments, and maintaining a household?

The solution is most likely yes if you are like most moms.

With the way the market is right now, it’s near impossible for women to be the “stay at home” mother and for families to have the ability to survive on one income.

And of course, single moms having to do it and trying to raise kids.

Moms have gotten very good at multitasking and doing what they can with the requirements they are faced with.

I’m confident in saying that this certainly has not been done without blood, sweat, and tears!

You’re not alone if you have been considering the possibility of working at home.


3 Easy Online Methods For Work At Home Moms

I specialise in finding great opportunities to work from home over the internet and get extra cash.

For that reason, here is a list of the top 3 methods you can do from your phone or computer:

  1. EbatesEbates is great if you enjoy online shopping and they pay you to cash back for hundreds of different shops
  2. Gold Opinions – With Gold Opinions you can get paid for taking surveys in a few minutes per day
  3. Writing Jobs – Writing Jobs Online gives you the chance to get paid to write online if you are comfortable doing basic typing

Before getting started, weigh up the advantages and disadvantages to find out if it is something that might be right for you.

And you might want to take a look at the summary of working from home below.


Here are five benefits of working from home for moms:

1) Savings on Daycare Costs

According to data from the National Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies, many households are paying upwards to $14,000 a year for childcare alone.

The cost varies per state and is determined by how old your child is.

Childcare for babies and toddlers is a little more expensive than it is for pre-schoolers.

Depending upon your income, many moms may have little left over after incurring the costs of childcare.

2) No Commuting

How much time do you spend commuting to work on a daily basis or to sit in traffic?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to spend that time doing something productive?

Online jobs for work at home moms allows you the luxury of not having to spend some of your precious time sitting in traffic.

Another bonus is you will save money on gasoline and the wear and tear on your vehicle.

3) More Flexibility

You get to create your schedule.

No need to permission because you need to take your child to a doctor’s appointment. No answering to a boss.

You’ll have the ability to schedule your work around all the activities and events in your life.

Imagine having the ability to make it your child’s to all sporting events or the school play.

If you wish to take a vacation, you can do it without having to request time off or use up any of your “vacation days”.

If you are a night owl and are more productive at three in the morning then it is possible to work during that time.

For example, I do some of my best work between 9pm- 10pm.

On the flip side, if you want to sleep in on a Wednesday, you can do that also. 

Or start your day with yoga on the beach.

for work at home moms yoga


4) Save on Lunches and Work Clothes

Between buying clothes or uniforms and eating out you are spending a pretty penny.

One of the conveniences of working at home is that you don’t need to pack a lunch or spend extra coffee money every day.

Depending upon your profession it can cost quite a bit of money to keep a professional wardrobe.*

Working at home allows you to wear what’s comfortable without limitations.

*Honestly, this one is not a guarantee saving if you love Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton like myself!

5) Make as Much Money As You Want

As the owner of your own online business, you can decide if you want to work part time or full time.

You’re in the driver’s seat and you want to be is up to you.


Final Note

In summary, these are simply a small number of benefits for being a work at home mother.

There are even more options for work at home moms depending on your personal preferences.

If you are a mom and wish to be more and have a better quality of life, you might want to think about working at home sooner rather than later.

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