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Today I’d like to share 12 things I believe you should consider when buying your first investment property – especially if you’re wanting to build a property business or small Buy To Let UK property portfolio.

DOWNLOAD YOUR PROPERTY INVESTING CHECKLIST you go down this property investment checklist, one point at a time, I’m confident you’ll secure your buy to let investment quickly and hopefully with out a hitch!

As a quick overview…

1. Seek some expert investment property tax advice.

2. Connect with a competent property mortgage broker – with access to the whole of the mortgage market.

3. Connect with five fabulous estate agents – because these guys can supply you with wonderful buy to let property investments deals… if you look after them!

4. Go and see 10 investment properties each week! I know this sounds like a lot, but imagine the expertise you’ll build up in your area!

5. Always be on the lookout for places where you can add REAL TANGIBLE value.

6. Do your property due diligence! Research your property investment “Goldmine Area”. There’s more info here: Calculate the return on investment on this property. Maybe check out this video for more info: DON’T charge in. DON’T be a motivated buyer!

9. Get a property surveyor from a competent, established surveyor

10. Next… and this is REALLY important… don’t forget the donuts!

11. And lastly, even at this stage, start to think about how you’re going to fund property two, three, and four, because what you do with this property now may well affect how you’re able to move forward and fund property two, three, and four.

I really hope you found this one helpful and be sure to download your checklist here: name’s Tony Law, from Your First Four Houses and I sincerely hope you found this lesson helpful 🙂 property investment for beginners

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