Dongle For Amazon Fire Tablet

A Guide On Buying a Dongle For Amazon Fire Tablet

Do you need to buy a dongle for Amazon fire tablet? Here is information and some recommendations below.

With the soaring prevalence of the Google Chromecast and to a lesser degree the Roku Streaming Stick, 2014 beyond any doubt turned out to be the time of the HDMI dongle.

And the Amazon’ fresh out of the box fire TV Stick continues to be very popular.

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How Do I Set It Up?

Setting up the Amazon Fire TV Stick is indistinguishable to pretty much every other HDMI dongle available.

You can connect it to an Amazon Fire Tablet like the one shown below:

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Plug it into an accessible HDMI port and afterward supply capacity to it through micro USB.

On the product side of things, the setup is about indistinguishable to the fire TV.

On the off chance that you acquired the Stick with your Amazon account, it comes prearranged with your login and the main setup necessity is connecting your Wi-Fi qualifications.

Subsequent to picking your Wi-Fi and entering in your credentials you’ll get treated to a video by a similar animation direct, Steve, that shows up on the principal startup of the fire TV.


Ease of use is certainly high on the fire Stick TV (as it has been on the earlier fire TV and the fire tablets). The video is brief however packs in the real highlights and how to manage the gadget in a moment or two.


Other than entering your record data and Wi-Fi certifications there’s no other setup to talk off (despite the fact that we’ll feature an assistant application in a minute that you should need to look at).




The Amazon Fire TV Stick interface is indistinguishable to the Amazon Fire TV interface. The tiled “Home” dashboard features as of late watched media, highlighted applications and recreations, and different proposals simply like on the fire TV.


A trek down the side list yields similar sections like Prime Video, Movies, TV, Watchlist, Video Library, Games, Apps, and Settings. Like the Fire TV, the interface is firmly integrated with the Amazon biological system and all the earlier connections present Amazon content: free Prime recordings, recordings you’ve acquired, pictures and music from your Amazon cloud drive, applications you’ve obtained, etc.


By and large, the interface is charming but in certain areas, jumbled with proposals and Amazon’s urgings to buy content. The setup menu particularly, similar to the Fire TV, is all around spread out and it’s anything but difficult to make changes in accordance with the gadget.


Equipment And Performance


In spite of the fact that the fire TV Stick doesn’t have the equivalent quad-center processor that the fire TV does (nor does it have the variety of outer ports) but it still works well. There are no issues with menu slack, recordings play easily and the gadget dealt with Android with no issue.


Despite the fact that the fire TV Stick is smaller it has installed storage (8GB) and utilizes Amazon’s video storing which implies that you get video playback as you do on the fire TV.


Claim To Fame Features


Like the fire TV, there are a bunch of claim to fame includes that help the fire TV Stick emerge from the group. As you’d envision, nonetheless, the list of capabilities and the compass of those highlights are genuinely reduced on the fire TV Stick contrasted with the more costly fire TV.


Voice Search (With A Catch)


Both the fire TV and the fire TV Stick include voice seek and that voice look works great. There’s a major catch with the Fire TV Stick, notwithstanding. The included remote doesn’t have a receiver (yet Amazon will joyfully offer you an overhauled remote for $30). On the other hand, you can download the at present Android-just fire TV partner application which includes voice look and an advantageous portable console. The voice look application works fine and dandy be that as it may, rather inquisitively, isn’t accessible for the real fire TV which implies you’ll have to become accustomed to two distinct remotes in the event that you need to utilize the free programming arrangement as opposed to getting an updated remote for your fire unit.




The Fire Stick TV has gaming capacities. The fire TV Stick offers more gaming alternatives than practically every other HDMI dongle joined. So while we have elevated standards for a gadget like the fire TV that costs $99 and touts itself has an authentic gaming gadget,  a HDMI dongle can help you with gaming.


While we don’t see versatile gaming through HDMI-dongle truly taking off at any point in the near future (and the gaming alternatives on the fire TV Stick are considerably more restricted than on the fire TV), it can come in handy.


Restricted Parental Controls


Our greatest grumbling about the Fire TV Stick is the parental controls. The fire TV highlights both parental controls to bolt the gadget from making buys and the phenomenal Amazon FreeTime framework. The Fire TV Stick just has the fundamental PIN-based parental controls to bolt the gadget. For the new, Amazon FreeTime is an extremely incredible framework that made a well-curated walled garden for youngsters that is pressed with child safe media, a simple to explore menu, controls for screen time (and even sleep times) and is, by a long shot, the best family include on both the Amazon Fire TV and the Amazon fire tablets.


Barring FreeTime is a tremendous oversight to the extent we’re concerned. In the event that Amazon is wanting to prevail upon customers and benefit from both their essential TV and auxiliary sets to turn into an entire house media nearness then it looks bad to avoid the FreeTime highlight from the fire TV Stick. After all, what is the in all likelihood buy result in many family units? Individuals will probably purchase the $99 Amazon fire TV for their fundamental room (like the living or media room) and after that buy $39 fire TV Sticks for the optional screens (like those in a den, kid’s room, or something like that).


The Good, The Bad, And The Verdict


The Good


  • At a few dollars more than the Chromecast, the fire TV Stick is a lot more affordable for individuals hoping to get Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime recordings all from a similar gadget.


  • Videos load all around rapidly and play easily; unit highlighted the equivalent ASAP reserving found on the bigger fire TV.


  • Solid equipment makes the fire TV Stick the best in spilling HDMI-dongle class.


  • Bluetooth remote doesn’t require observable pathway.


  • Remote is kid-accommodating, no compelling reason to give them a costly telephone or tablet to control the gadget (like with the Chromecast).


  • The Fire TV Stick bolsters the Amazon and outsider Bluetooth controllers.
  • It is a great choice to buy for a dongle for amazon fire tablet.


The Bad


  • The remote doesn’t bolster voice (and the Android-just programming remote can’t be utilized to control the Fire TV in the event that you end up getting one).


  • Difficult to effortlessly find free-for-Prime-individuals content; feels like the menu is intended to push buys on you.


  • It’s focused on Amazon content.


  • Gaming is genuinely constrained however contrasted with other HDMI dongles is quite refined.


Thank you for checking out our guide and summary on the dongle for amazon fire tablet options.



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